The Tech Experts Guide to Electronic Enclosures



Have you been looking into purchasing electronic enclosures? If you have, there are some key tips you’ll want to have before coming to a decision. The type of enclosure you purchase is going to depend on a few factors. See the guide below to best prepare yourself for your search.

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There are four key questions you need to ask as you begin your search for electronic enclosures.

1. Where will the enclosures need to be stored?
2. What electronics and components will be housed?
3. Where will the electronics and components be placed?
4. How sturdy does the enclosure need to be?

There are several enclosure types, including “u-shape” enclosures, “l-shape enclosures”, “rack-mount” enclosures, and “five-side” enclosures. U-shape enclosures are easy to design and manufacture, while the l-shape enclosure is easier to insert boards into. Rack-mount closures are designed to be mounted in a racked cabinet. They are usually used for small and large servers.

Five-sided enclosures have four sides and a removable top cover that can also be turned into a door or lid. These enclosures are usually used for portable cabinets, junction boxes, or wall-mounted cabinets. This enclosure style is also one of the most cost-effective options for protecting the enclosed components from dust and moisture.

Each one of these enclosures has its strengths or weaknesses. See the video above for more guidance on the differences between these enclosure types.


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