An Intro to Video Content Analysis



This guide is all about a super cool system called Samsung SDS video analytics. This system helps people find important information from a bunch of videos, just like a super search engine. Imagine a little girl lost in a mall with tons of cameras around. Finding her on video would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

But with this video content analytics tool, you can tell what the girl looks like. You can see what she’s wearing and which way she might be going.

Video Source

Then, the system searches for all the videos from all the cameras and finds the girl in a flash. Here’s another example. Imagine a public square where there are sometimes illegal demonstrations. The police want to know ahead of time, so they can be prepared.

With Samsung SDS video analytics, the system looks at cameras by the entrances. It checks whether there are more people than usual. Or if there are objects moving towards the square. If both of these things happen at the same time, then it’s more likely there might be a demonstration.

That way, the police can be on the lookout and prepared. It’s better than getting surprised by a sudden demonstration. In a nutshell, Samsung SDS video analytics is a super helpful system. Users can find important information from a bunch of videos. In doing so, it works like a search engine for videos. So, it can help people in many different situations.


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