What Exactly Does a Database Health Check Entail?



As you know, organizations’ databases must perform optimally. When an issue does arise, it can greatly impact not only the systems but those using them. This is why a health check can be helpful to see whether there are issues that have been detected or issues that have gone undetected. But what does the process entail? This video describes what goes into their database health check SQL server to demystify the process and help organizations better understand what you can expect moving forward.

A database health check is designed to assess systems to ensure that they’re performing to expectations, that they’re reliably functioning, and that they’re secure.

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Health checks are essential to not only catch issues that have already presented themselves but also to catch any issues that could arise in the future due to poor database layout or system management.

Many companies perform database health checks and look for anything that they might need to patch or update. They’ll then proceed to focus on how to address any current or future issues, creating maintenance plans, backup and recovery plans, and monitoring and alerting systems.

Staying on top of databases in modern organizations is critical. Knowing what an SQL server health check is and how to pursue one can make all the difference in how organizations proceed moving forward.

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