The Impact of Technology On Our Culture



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There is no denying that the impact of technology on our culture has been tremendous. There is no denying that the impact of technology on our culture has changed the way we do things from auto repair and maintenance to securing an investment banking license.

Technology plays a role in how we socialize, how we meet our partners, and how we manage our homes. The impact of technology on our culture is evident in how we live our lives, and how we view what is happening in the world around us.

Socializing Has Changed

Before the technology boom that is today, if you wanted to speak to someone you picked up the phone and made a phone call, unless of course, they were in a different area code. Long-distance calling was expensive and those types of phone calls were only made on special occasions like birthdays, holidays, or the birth of a child. Today, you can call just about anywhere in the world under your cell phone plan.

The impact of technology on our culture has changed how we socialize. Social media has become the new way to see how people are doing and what they are doing. At one time, the newspaper classifieds were filled with “lonely heart ads”. People would place classified ads to meet other people, today, there are hundreds if not thousands of websites that are dedicated to bringing people together.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more have become the new meeting spots. You can easily keep in touch with elementary school friends, high school buddies, and college classmates with social media. Reunions happen every single day, you no longer have to wait for the next organized reunion to see what family and friends have been up to.

The impact of technology on our culture has come with plenty of social perks, but there can be a few negatives that have also cropped up because of social media. Yes, you can keep in touch with everyone that you ever met, but with this new transparency there comes quite a big responsibility that some people just do not grasp.

The Negatives of the New Way We Socialize

One of the top job recruiting services has recommended that before you apply for that job that you clean up your social media presence. Sharing pictures of your latest home remodeling project is fine, but you may want to go back a few years and get rid of those drunken party pics. You also should comb through your social media account regularly and remove any comments you are not necessarily proud of according to the experts.

Many employers, and some colleges, are taking a stroll around candidates social media to get to know them. Those candidates that like to overshare embarrassing moments, or use colorful language can get sidelined. Cleaning up your social media can ensure that the impact of technology on our culture does not get you caught up and your application dumped.

Here are some other social media tips you can apply:

  • Think before you post. Before you hit that send button, really think about what you are posting. People often say “I don’t care what other people think” clearly if you are posting to social media you do. Posts can stay around for a long time after you wished they were gone. A couple of shares and before you know it, you just can’t reel it back in.
  • Avoid spreading falsehoods. There are no checks and balances when it comes to the internet. Anyone can post anything. Don’t be part of the problem. Check out the sources and research before you decide to share something.
  • If you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it online. The anonymity of the keyboard is false but it can be a powerful elixir. It can be easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you are protected online and can say things you normally would not say. You are not, laws are being created every day that are geared toward governing what and how things are said online.

How we socialize has changed a lot because of technology but that does not mean there is not a wrong way to act. Whether online or off the same rules should apply. Use social media responsibly.

Always be wary of anyone that you meet online until they have given you good enough reason not too. Some people make a living out of hustling people online. Be careful.

How We Shop

Another big impact of technology on our culture is how we buy things. You can find everything you need online and have it delivered right to your door. The fact is if you choose to never leave your home again, you could do it without sacrificing a thing.

The internet is such a powerful marketing tool that just about every brick and mortar business has built an online presence to allow their customer base to order online. You can find everything online from dirt bike equipment parts to groceries.

The impact technology has on our culture is felt the strongest in commerce. How we find products and services has changed because of technology. Not too long ago the “yellow pages” a giant phone book filled with business names and numbers was the go-to source to locate businesses. Today you use your smartphone or jump on your laptop.

The Positives of Ecommerce

There are clear benefits to the boom in e-commerce for both the consumer and the retailer of products and services including:

  • Retailers and service providers can reach a wider audience. Consumers can easily find local businesses online if they are being marketed right and there are plenty of ideas out there that can help with marketing. For example, there are pages and pages dedicated to just dental marketing ideas. Niche products and service providers can easily connect with their audiences through online channels. Even companies that specialize in Sikorsky helicopter parts can find their audience online.
  • Consumers can quickly compare prices and find the best value. You are no longer tied to one provider for goods or services. You can find the services and goods you want in seconds and easily compare the costs to make informed decisions.
  • Robust markets. Ecommerce is robust because there is no time limitations of when you can do business. The internet is open 24 hours a day for business.

Every business from Arctic Cat dealers to your local marijuana dispensary has created a web presence to reach their target audience. Print ads, radio ads, costly television advertising are all taking a back seat to the internet when it comes to marketing.

How We Learn

The impact of technology on our culture and how we learn has been profound. Everything you need to know you can find on the internet. For example, if you have HVAC systems questions, all you need to do is use a search engine online to answer those questions.

Universities offer online distance classes, Youtube has experts in every field sharing their knowledge, there are trillions and trillions of pages of information out there. If you live in the US but have always wanted to see the Beijing Zoo all you need is an internet connection to go and visit.

We are learning more today than we ever have because we have easy access to information. Technology has changed everything about how we learn. There are more assistive tools than ever available to help us learn faster.


In the 1960s there were about 12 TV channels to choose from with only 3 major networks. Today, streaming has changed all that. You can easily have access to hundreds if not thousands of channels of entertainment. Streaming is faster, cheaper, and comes with far more options than anyone likely imagined even in the 1990s.

Entertainment options are plentiful thanks to innovative technologies. Don’t want to stand in line to get into a movie theater, many new releases are available within weeks of their premier threw a streaming service.

The impact of technology on our culture and what we expect from entertainment has been incredible. You can watch whatever you choose too no matter where in the world it is available, you can buy music and download it instantly, the list goes on and on of how entertainment has changed because of technology.

How We Get Medical Care

Technology has improved how we get medical care, how medical treatments are delivered, and what we know about disease. Pharma and medical fields have exponentially improved their services because of advances in technology.

Improvements in diagnostic equipment has changed what we know about diseases like cancer. Early detection thanks to technological improvements are saving lives every day. Virtual doctor visits, self-monitoring, and more are all possible because of the state of the art technology.

The impact of technology on our culture when it comes to health care has been one of the best uses of innovative technology. 3 D printers are being used to fabricate human replacement parts. Prosthetic devices are using advanced robotics to replace missing limbs. The list of what is being done in the medical field is impressive thanks to technology improvements.

How We Drive

Technology has improved driver safety. Driver assisted technologies can stop your car for you, help you park, alert you when you are out of your lane, and some cars are self-driving so you do not even have to drive yourself.

GPS mapping ensures that you can get to where you need to get to without ever having to worry about a wrong turn. You do not have to fumble through the glove box searching for a paper map anymore. GPS talks you through the trip step by step and reminds you when it is time to take that turn. GPS can help you avoid traffic jams, accidents, and even alert you to road hazards.

Cars, trucks, and vans are outfitted with computerized “brains” that quickly report any issues with the mechanics of your car. All your mechanic has to do today to diagnose your vehicle is hook up to your car’s brain and all the information they need is reported through a coding system.

Of course, there have been some glitches along the way. Driver assisted technologies do not always function as they should, which can lead to dangerous driving conditions. One study found that drivers are too reliant on these systems and are not paying attention as they should.

A whole new set of problems has cropped up thanks to technology. That needs to constantly be connected via social media and our smartphones often lead to “distracted driving”. Distracted driving is a new term that popped up during the early 2000s to describe someone that was behind the wheel and was texting or answering emails.

New Laws

The impact of technology on our culture has driven some new laws to keep up with the ever-changing world because of technology. Anti-texting laws have been passed in just about every state making it illegal to text while driving. Some states have taken it up a notch by passing laws that outlaw talking on the phone while you drive. Hands-free driving laws require that you connect via Bluetooth to use your phone. All new cars use Bluetooth technology.

There are new laws that regulate “online bullying”. Laws that govern the responsibilities of website owners. Privacy laws (in Europe they are much stricter than in the US). The legal system has a full plate when it comes to creating laws to keep up with technology.

The Critics Have Their Say

While you would be hard-pressed to find critics that do not think technology has improved medical care, you can find plenty that has mixed feelings about other advances. Some critics blame the impact of technology on our culture for creating the diabetes epidemic. They say that new technologies have made us lazy and unwilling to even walk around the grocery store.

For many people, marginalized people, technology has evened the playing field for them. The good has far outweighed the bad, and in all likelihood, we will continue to create technologies that enhance our lives.



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