What Is The Internet Of Things And Why Is It Going To Take The World By Storm In 2020?

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How does project management function in your company?

Perhaps you prefer a more old-fashioned approach to team cohesion and make it a point to become familiar with each and every person in the business. Maybe you’re more technologically oriented and would rather look into finding food service equipment and even cybersecurity enhancements to make sure everyone is on the same page. Whatever you choose, simply asking the right questions means you’re already off to a fantastic start. Today’s world is only getting more demanding by the second and any business that wants to stay ahead of the pack needs to use the best options available.

Let’s see what, exactly, those are.

The Drug Packaging Industry

One such industry that benefits mightily from the combination of technology and manual labor is the field of drug packaging. Boasting a $66 billion dollar industry, today’s world relies on a combination of food processing equipment as well as manual operators to reduce the margin for error to a sliver. As of 2014 there were over 290,000 pharmacists working across the United States, alongside 368,000 pharmacy technicians. The drug packaging industry is highly flexible and always looking for even more efficient ways to package, label and ship countless products.

Electronic Security And Businesses

The drug packaging industry is one thing…but what about safety measures in today’s dangerous digital age? Security and businesses go hand-in-hand. After all, even a minor lapse in cybersecurity can lose millions of dollars and cost people their jobs. North America recently saw an 11% increase in searches, thanks to an AESC report, and spending on electronic security products is expected to grow by 4% every year. Back in 2013 sales of both search and placement services reached nearly $14 billion.

Manual Labor In The Future

A common point of discussion these days is the future of manual labor. What are we to expect with the advent of robotic technology in manufacturing plants? A stunning record of over 14,000 robots (valued at a collective $850 million) were ordered from North American robotic manufacturing companies in the beginning of 2015. This doesn’t mean people are going to be outright replaced — a machine can only do so much — but we can expect to enjoy the efficiency of robotic additions for our basic needs. Injection molding jobs, food production jobs and flexible plastics will all benefit.

The Internet Of Things

Another point of contention is where the Internet Of Things comes into play. Project management can’t afford to overlook this detail, due in no small part to just how widespread it is. This term is used to refer to devices other than computers being connected to the Internet, as well as sending and receiving data. If this term seems a little strange, that’s because it’s only been around for about 15 years and has just started to gain common usage. The recent boom of the Internet Of things means the amount of devices that connect to the Internet will reach 50 billion by 2020.

Combining Technology With Business Sense

From the drug packaging industry to a marketing manager that wants to make monthly figures, combining technology with business sense just makes sense. Any project management venture, no matter how small or complex, needs to keep technology firmly in mind. A recent survey was provided by the Economist Intelligence Unit, with the highest percentage of respondents at 50% believing that the Internet Of Things will have made the biggest impact on marketing by 2020. Searches are only going to get more involved from here.

Can your project management efforts be improved? Don’t wait and find out the hard way.

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