How To Increase Employee Retention

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Finding the right person for a job can be difficult and all too often, the wrong choice is made in the hiring process. This can lead to poor rates of employee retention, a problem that the majority of HR departments feel is a considerable problem that deserves attention in order to solve it. Fortunately, HR executive search firms and a job placement agency can help to thoroughly inspect the hiring process as well as potential candidates for the open position. HR executive search firms can also work with employers to make sure that potential hires are taken from a diverse pool of people of varying different backgrounds. HR executive search firms can help to stop the climbing rates of employee retention by understanding which potential candidate is the best fit for the job – and which employer is the best fit for the candidate.

The truth is, simply put, that people don’t stay at jobs like they used to. In fact, this has been called “the job hopping generation,” as at least six out of every ten people in the workforce today (namely millennials) are always on the look out for something new and better. In fact, by the end of June of 2015, nearly 3 million workers had left their jobs, marking a 25% increase in lack of employee job retention. There are a number of reasons that this could be happening. First, the employee was not a good fit for the position they were hired to fill. This can be prevented through the use of HR executive search firms and top executive recruiting firms, which can vet applicants before they are even seriously considered by the employer for the position. Second, people are leaving their jobs in part because they are unhappy there, and there is certainly something that the employer can do about it. Shockingly, only two out of every ten employees surveyed felt that they were sufficiently challenged and motivated by their higher ups. This can be changed, in part, through the implementation of employee recognition programs. Companies and establishments that have included employee recognition have, in the majority, found success. In fact, nearly 90% of these companies have reported increased rates of employee happiness and satisfaction.

There are a number of reasons that millennials in particular are considered to be job hopping, and companies, through the implementation of HR executive search firms can work to make sure that their new hires are adjusted to company life and happy in their positions, as well as good fit for the job in the first place.

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