An Introduction to CCaaS



As the video ” What is CCaaS? (Contact Center as a Service)” explains, call center as a service (CCaaS) is an emerging business model and platform. CCaaS functions as a SaaS (software), following the same principles of Software-as-a-Service. Many companies use it for aggregating, managing, and providing contact center solutions.

CCaaS allows users to perform automated self-diagnostics. It also provides call center performance statistics in real-time.

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A call center service provider offers CCaaS apps through a cloud computing environment with easy access through the intranet or internet browser. These apps can be more cost-effective than on-premise systems. They provide all the hardware and software you require via the cloud.

CCaaS is ideal for any business lacking the resources or capital to implement a full-service contact center solution. With it, you do not need to invest in physical infrastructures like cabling, power supplies, or storage space. A call center service provider may allow users to tailor the contact center software to meet company needs.

The call center service offers a remote contact center function readily available when needed. The system uses scripting methods as provided by the service provider. You can customize it to various industries or business processes. In turn, this may significantly improve customer service satisfaction.


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