Saying home security systems can protect your home and family should be common knowledge

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Break-ins can happen to anyone, in any neighborhood. Unfortunately, within the United States, 2.5 million home invasions are reported yearly. These homes without security systems have made it so that many individuals do not ever find out what happened to their belongings and are left to pick up the messy pieces that result from a burglary taking place in a home that they once thought to be their safe haven. If you want to protect your home and your family from the dangers and the loss that results from a home invasion than perhaps it is time to install those security systems that you’ve thought so much about lately.

Homes without security systems have a higher chance of being broken into. In fact, studies have shown that they are even 300% more likely to be broken into than a home without home security systems. Many of these cases go unsolved when there is no attack or witness to the home invasion. It is only 30% of these that are ever solved. If someone breaks in without you having a security system there is a very good chance you will never get your items back or know who did this.

30% of burglars enter the home through an unlocked door or window. 34% of them even use the front door to walk right in and take your things. The worse fact is that most of these home invasions even take place between 10:00AM and 3:00PM while you and the rest of your family are at work and in school. These facts are chilling that someone could walk right into your home and take your things while you’re just staring a work day and getting into your groove. Having a commercial security system or ADT security could drastically reduce these risks and alert you and local law enforcement immediately in the event that a problem were to arise.

Many home insurance providers will even give you a discount on your home insurance if you have a system installed within your home. Are you worried about the installation part? Don’t have any idea how to go about actually doing the whole security system installation? Well there are professionals who will be happy to take care of these steps for you and to guide you along to feeling comfortable and secure within your home. Taking care of your family and insuring your home is protected is their job and they are always willing to make sure that you are not part of the statistic of individuals who have lost the items they’ve worked so hard for all due to a home invasion.

Reduce your worries over someone breaking into your home today when you install a security system. This could be the best decision to make sure that you and your family are protected from someone walking in and taking the items you care about and unsettling your comfort within your own home. Get to feeling safer in your own home today, get those security systems installed and worry less about your house when you’re asleep or not in it.

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