A Look At How To Best Protect Your Home Against Burglary And Robbery

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For many households and families in the United States, the security system installation of such a security system as video surveillance systems has brought with it not only increased protection of your home and your family, but an increase in peace of mind that cannot be discounted. Because, after all, the threat of burglary or robbery is not an unreal one in the United States, no matter where you might live. Though home invasions are certainly more common in some areas than others, home invasion – a potentially dangerous one – can happen to anyone. Fortunately, however, the process of a security system installation can help, as security systems can make a big difference in the fight against robberies and burglaries.

If you do not go through the process of security system installation in your home, you set yourself up to be robbed. This may sound blunt, but data has shown that those homes and residences that do not have some kind of security system (such as a video surveillance system) are as much as three hundred percent more likely to experience a home invasion resulting in loss of property or even, in some severe cases, a loss of life. With at least two and half million home invasions and intrusions, often resulting in burglary, happening every single year in the United States alone, this is no passive threat. Home invasions are very real, and they happen far more frequently than many of us would like to believe. And burglars are far bolder than many of us would think, taking advantage of the trust that people inherently feel in their neighborhood. In fact, this blind trust allows nearly thirty five percent of all burglars to simply enter a home directly through an unlocked front door, arousing no suspicion at all as they steal from your home and leave just as easily. And as many as thirty percent of all burglars enter through another unlocked door or an unlocked window. This trust can be commendable, but it can also lead to unnecessary harm, allowing burglars a port of easy access, be it the front door, the back door, or an opened window. And with the vast majority of all burglaries taking place in the hours that the majority of people are at their places of work, between the hours of ten am and three pm, it is important to set up a system through security system installation professionals to have some protection for your home even if you are not present at it.

Fortunately, security system installation is on the rise, with nearly twenty million home security systems currently installed and in use in many homes all throughout the entirety of a United States. And these home security surveillance systems have a number of benefits – and have been proven to work. In fact, if you go through with a security system installation you might even be eligible for a discount of as much as twenty percent through your insurance provider. And security system installation is hugely effective at deterring would be criminals like burglars and robbers. Data shows that as many as eighty five percent of all police officers on the job in the United States think that security system installation is hugely effective, and ninety percent of all burglars (nine out of every ten surveyed) said that they actively avoided homes that had a security system installed.

And so the importance of a security system installation is clear. Not only does security system installation help to protect your home from burglaries and robberies, as well as help to protect you and your family when you are at your most vulnerable (such as during the night hours, when the vast majority of people are expected to be asleep), security system installation also offers a considerable amount of peace of mind that certainly cannot and should not be discounted. Security systems are important, and are on the rise as more and more people realize their importance – as well as their effectiveness. If you don’t have one, consider the installation.

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