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Technology is becoming more and more a part of the modern world and so, in tandem, is the growing need for services such as it outsourcing and other IT services such as IT consulting services. As companies continue to grow, they must also advance as well, or rapidly be left behind in a world that never seems to stop progressing. But many people who work at these companies – even those in higher up and high level positions – don’t always know what to do with this technology or, almost more importantly, what to do when something technological goes wrong. In these cases, as well as in a number of other situations, it outsourcing can be essential, and can help make the repair process – as well as the overall learning curve of employees at any given company that is introducing new technology into the daily lives of employees.

For instance, one area in which it outsourcing services might be necessary is in that of more and more employees working remotely. And the incentive to let employees work remotely is something that growing, as more and more employees are discovering that they are actually more productive and do better work when they are allowed to work wherever they choose and often even on the schedule that they choose as well. In fact, statistics and recently gathered data show that more than sixty five percent (sixty seven percent, to be more exact) of all employees who have worked remotely at some point in their careers have said that they felt far more productive when they were allowed to work out of their own homes or places of choice. And of these same employees, only seven percent reported that they actually felt less productive, considerably less than even ten percent – though it should also be noted that just over twenty five percent of all employees given the chance to work remotely (twenty six percent of all employees, if you, again, are looking to be more exact) said that working remotely didn’t really change their overall levels of productivity much at all, though they didn’t necessarily hurt them.

And more and more companies are listening to their employees’ desires to work out of the home. Among smaller sized companies in the United States, as many as sixty two percent were able to work at home on at least a part time basis, though many were also able to work at home full time, if this is what they decided to do. And companies that are middle of the road when it comes to size are just slightly less likely (and sometimes even less able) to offer the chance to work remotely, often even starting out their employees working remotely, with as many as fifty five percent of companies of or around this size offering the opportunity for some degree of remote work. And, as can be anticipated, it is larger companies that offer the most opportunities for remote work all throughout the entirety of the country of the United States, with an astonishing sixty nine percent of all large scale companies allowing at least some of their employees to work remotely – and two out of every three large companies will also allow for occasional telecommuting if full time remote work is not available or is not a possibility for whatever reason at these places of business. This means that the number of employees who telecommute to work has now more than doubled in the years since 2005, now more than ten years in the past.

But the need for it outsourcing and IT solutions for technology companies extends past helping companies get set up to allow employees to work remotely, though this is of course an important use of it outsourcing services. But it outsourcing services can also be used to help companies better establish themselves in a world that has become filled with technology in ways that will help these said companies to get their names out there with the intent of drawing in more business than ever before. Much of this will come through website creation and content creation for that website, often in the form of a blog, as many it outsourcing service are likely to remember.

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