4 Reasons to Protect Your Home By Installing a Home Security System

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Do you have a home security system installed? Have you ever considered installing one of the top home security systems? If not, now is the time to rethink your decision. There are plenty of benefits to having a home or commercial security system installed. Not only can you protect your property and your valuables, but also you are more likely to catch whoever was trying to invade your home. With more proof and evidence of a home invasion, this can help your case with the police and insurance policies.

Interested in learning more about the various benefits to security system installation whether it?s a home security system or a commercial security system? Keep reading for more information on how a security system can save you time, energy, and money in the long run.

4 Reasons a Home or Commercial Security Is Extremely Beneficial

A home security or commercial security system does more than scare off intruders, it also serves as the evidence you need to convict someone if they break into your house. When it comes to retrieving your belongings, protecting your property, dealing with the police, and filing insurance claims, you?ll be glad you had the best video surveillance systems at your home or shop. Here are four of the benefits of security systems.

1. Prevents burglars from breaking in

Believe it or not, burglars generally check the area before they decide to break into a home. If they notice that your home has a security system or video surveillance, they are much less likely to even consider trying to break into your home to steal your belongings. In fact, statistics show that 90% of the time burglars specifically avoid homes and shops with top of line security systems.

2. Alarm systems scare burglars away

If you have a home alarm system that can?t be seen by a burglar from the outside, the sound of the alarm generally still scares them away before they steal anything. The majority of burglars state that they would not continue trying to attack a home if an alarm started going off.

One reason it is beneficial to keep an alarm system, even if it isn?t visible, is because the sound will scare them off no matter how they enter the home. Around 30% of burglars choose to try and break into a home through an unlocked door or window. With an alarm system that is properly installed, the second they open the window or crack the door open, an alarm will sound scaring them off.

3. Assist with a police investigation

When a burglar attempts to break into your home, you need to file a police investigation regardless of whether any items were stolen or not. The police need to be aware of the attempted burglary so that they can survey the area and make sure all the other homes are protected. When you have a security system or video surveillance system installed in your home, you can even assist with the investigation. If your video surveillance was able to catch any clips of the burglars, this can help move the case along. Around 13% of burglary cases are solved. The reason the number is so low is due to the fact that witnesses and physical evidence are usually lacking in these cases. Nearly 85% of police officers agree that a home security system is essential to deterring a burglary attempt in the United States.

4. Help file an insurance claim

If someone does break into your home and steals some of your belongings, you?ll need to file an insurance claim for the break in. If you have a home security system installed, this can help with the claim. When you?re getting an insurance provider for your home, if you have a system already installed, some provider will even give you 20% off the costs because they believe having a security system is a proactive way to prevent break ins.

Are you going to install one of the best security systems and video surveillance systems at your home now? Let us know in the comments about your thoughts on how a home and commercial security system can prevent potential break ins.

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