Understanding Small Business Computer Support

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Computers are absolutely essential to any business dealings in the modern digital age. Not only can business not be conducted without them anymore, but a broken computer can also hamper business marketing strategies and IT compliance, among other things. One way to avoid unnecessary loss and financial delay when dealing with PC repair is to engage the right business computer support.

What is Business Computer Support?

The primary function of small business computer support is to maintain and optimize computer systems so that the business in question can get to work with as little hassle and interruption as possible. Some of the things a business computer support company can do include installing, managing, and monitoring antivirus and antimalware software in real time, as well as individual computers and their servers and network devices; provide on the spot IT services; manage compliant email archiving solutions and access to email anywhere; serve as cloud providers; provide firewall support and management; and keep all computers updated and patched as necessary.

Is Small Business Computer Support Really Necessary?

Only if you think safe, secure, and fast internet access is key to business function. Not only are computer important for running regular business tasks and managing HR, but they are crucial to interacting with customers. About 47% of Americans say that Facebook has a bigger influence on their purchasing decisions than any other social media type. Small businesses, 95% of them, see blogging as a valuable business tool. And as much as 93% of marketers say that social media is important for business. Any computer or IT issue can seriously interfere with these important ways of connecting with customers.

Can’t IT Services be Handed In-House?

For bigger companies, this is probably fine. Medium-sized and small businesses are unlikely to be able to manage more efficiently than can be done by an outsourced company. A lower-level IT professional in-house usually commands a salary of $50,000 to $60,000, and specialized professionals can ask for a lot more. For most companies, when staff numbers reach between 25 and 50 it becomes more cost effective to outsource managed IT support services than to try to do it themselves.

Are Salaries and Business Computer Support Services the Only Issue in Terms of Cost?

Not at all. The biggest issue is the potential cost of a compliance breach or a security breach. An HIPAA compliance breach, even if it involves fewer than 500 records, can cost a business as much as $50,000 in fines. And in 2012 alone, 87% of small businesses had some kind of security breach. The cost of not having the right IT support specialist can break a small business.

Business computer support is an essential part of operating costs for any small or medium-sized business. When considering the cost of hiring outside business computer support, think about how much an hour of downtime costs your business. Weigh the long-term costs of hiring an in-house IT specialist. Then look for an IT support company near you that can offer the kind of services you need to stay safe and connected.

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