The Importance Of Technology In The Workplace

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Technology is a big part of our world today. In fact, it’s unavoidable. In order to run a successful business, technology must play a key role. From an up to date, easy to navigate website to a strong database that is resistant to hacking, technology companies can help businesses get their foot in the door when it comes to being on the cutting edge of technology. It’s truly a brave new world, and technology companies can help businesses to navigate the sometimes confusing waters.

The growth of technology in recent years has allowed for the implementation of remote work, meaning that the employee can work from a site outside of the office, often the employee’s own home. Remote work has become more and more popular, with over 60% of small companies offering the option to work remotely to their employees. Among medium companies, over half also offered this option, and almost 70% of large companies offer the option for remote work. Technology companies can help businesses and companies set up the necessary tools to make remote work possible, and remote work can bring more prosperity to a business than ever. Remote work allows more qualified employees to take positions, limits the necessity for sick days, and allows some employees a higher quality of life and job satisfaction. It also allows for the option of extra work, as employees have all the materials they need with them wherever they go. In fact, over 65% of employees who worked remotely said that they felt it increased their productivity while working. Only 7% said that they felt less productive.

Technology companies can also provide IT support to businesses when necessary. As up to 20% of all small businesses will be hacked at least once within the first year, IT services can be crucial to the security of the company. Almost half of all businesses also lost data to the cloud, something that IT consulting services can help to rectify as well as prevent through education. They can help to establish network security so that the instance of hacking is not repeated.

Finally, technology companies can help with web design. A well designed website is more important than one might think, with almost half of survey respondents saying that they felt a company’s website helped them form an opinion on the company. If a website was well designed and easy to navigate, survey respondents were more likely to think of the company as credible.

Technology companies can help companies and businesses with a number of concerns, from network security to website design. In this age of technology, it is important for businesses to keep up.

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