Here’s What to Do With Your Old USB Cables



Cat6 ethernet cable

USB cables are one aspect of technology that is constantly changing and improving to keep up with demands. The first USB cable was weak and had an incredibly slow connection and download speed. But as the years went by, developments came about and changes were made to bulk USB cables to improve their design and functionality. If you have old USB cables, don’t just let them take up space around your house. Here’s a few things you can do with those pesky old bulk USB cables.

First, start by asking friends and family members if they have any need for bulk fiber optic cables. You’d be surprised at the number of people you know who may not be wuite-up-to-date on new technology and still have a need for older versions. Philanthropic efforts can go a long way in showing your appreciation to someone while cleaning out your own home. You can also take to social media and offer free cables to anyone in need. You never know who could need it more than you realize.

Another thing you can do with old surge protectors or USB 3 cables is simply donate them to a donation center. Again, someone else could have a need for them but may not be able to afford the full price. This is something you’ll feel good about while helping someone else.

Next, you can always look into the possibility of donating your spare bulk USB cables to a school or educational facility in needed. Countless public schools these days are underfunded, and a lot of them will take whatever they can get. Knowing your USB cables will be used for the greater good of education is incredibly rewarding, and it can also be considered as an investment in our society.

If you’re on the more technically-savvy side, you may be able to re-purpose your old USB cables. The pure copper under the rubber wire can be sold for scrap metal and salvaged. It won’t be a lot of money, but if they’re just going to end up in the trash anyway, you might as well make a bit of cash on something you’ll never use again.

Finally, consider taking your old cables to an electronics store that has a recycling kiosk.Many big name stores will accept old cables and electronic devices.

OVerall, there are many options for recycling old cables, so choose wisely.

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