Why is Having a Dedicated Gaming Server Important



Every gamer knows the feeling of logging on to their favorite game and experiencing that dreaded lag time. For the serious gamer, that lag is more than frustrating. A slow server can keep a gamer from being able to compete at their highest level. So what can you do when tech issues keep you from being able to participate at your full potential? The solution to the lag is your own personal dedicated game server.

To understand why you may need a dedicated gaming server it’s important to first understand how a server works. Most games have a host and then clients. The more clients (aka gamers) are added to the host (the server) the more memory gets used. The more clients a host has the slower the server gets. That means that a hugely popular game that can have hundreds, if not thousands, of clients can have severe lag. Having a dedicated server means you have the ability to limit the number of clients, which leads to faster performance.

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