How Can Custom Printed Items Help Market Your Small Business?

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People are still looking for freebies. Something they can shove in a bag, put in their purse, or carry in their backpack. In this digital world so often focuses on tweets, likes, and other types of posts, the American consumer is still attracted to something tangible. Something printed. Something they can carry with them as a visual reminder of a product or service that they want to know more about.
In fact, 76% of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy includes a combination of both print and digital communication. While daily posts and tweets might encourage some customers to visit a company, few business owners overlook the opportunity to still hand out business cards and calendars including their company’s name, address, email and website locations, and phone number. Digital and offset printing companies can provide affordable products in a timely manner.
Are You Getting the Business That You Need?
The digital world is crowded, and many customers continue to rely on traditional advertising methods when they are selecting the goods and services that they purchase. Did you know, for example, that 84% of Americans say they retain a company’s name when they receive promotional gifts with that company’s logo on it? Whether your large or small business relies on traditional business cards and writing pens advertising your name, or you create a more unique product like a small personal data storage device with your name, you are increasing the chance that customer will call on you when they need your product.
A Print Company Can Help You Create Everything from Notepads to Custom Car Wraps
While small items like notepads, pens, pencils, and business cards are convenient and tangible, 48% of consumers who were surveyed indicated that car wraps are one of the most unique advertising mediums available. Face it, whether you are driving down a city street or across town on the freeway, it is difficult to ignore the graphic statement that car or truck warps make. Before long, those custom wrapped cars produce the product name is a potential client’s mind even if they are only seen from a distance.
And that visual memory is what every company is going for. Images that are loud and proud on a barricade wrap become embedded into the customer’s mind, enabling them to produce the name of your company from great distances even before they are close enough to read the billboard. In response to immediate advertising needs, the best and largestdigital and offset printing companies can often produce products within a 24 hour printing deadline.
Digital and Offset Printing Companies Offer a Variety of Products at Affordable Prices
A company’s marketing budget will often determine what kind of digital and offset printing materials that company will order. While some companies have the budget to advertise their products and messages on billboards, other companies have a smaller budget. No matter how much a company can spend, however, a full service printing company can provide the products that you need. Consider some of the options:

  • A car wrap advertising your college admissions and scholarship editing service.
  • Unique, but affordable, business cards to hand out at trade shows and other marketing locations.
  • Customized pens or pencils that customers can have with them at all times.
  • Digital storage options in customized jump drives or flash drives.
  • Personalized labels on water bottles that your employees hand out at local outdoor events.
  • Large format printing posters to advertise an upcoming trade show or newly released product.

Advertising is never free for the business, but the wisest retail businesses offer freebies to their current and potential customers. How about you? How many labeled pencils do you have in your junk drawer at home, in your purse or backpack, in the side storage compartment of your car door? Chances are, if you are like most consumers, you will find a pretty good stash. It is likely that even the charging station you are using today for your phone carries the name of some business who understood the value of advertising on tangible items that potential customers see and use every day. A simple wooden pencil. an often used notepad.
Marketing budgets should reflect the current trends in advertising to consumers who may some day become their customers.

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