Latency in Server Hosting



In this video, you will learn about server latency. There is a lot to know about server hosting. Latency is something that a lot of people may not know about, but it is important.

Video Source

The speed of light is the determining factor that depicts the speed of light. It takes about 100 milliseconds for light to circle the Earth. The furthest you could get away from light on Earth is about 50 milliseconds. When you look at latencies online, these don’t reflect the speed of light at all. The smaller the amount of light, the less time it takes for it to go from point A to point B. There is a way to measure this, by using ping statistics. Light can travel the entire world in milliseconds, so therefore it can go shorter distances in less time. Latency reflects something else that is happening with connections. There is a lot to know about latency. The more you know about latency, the easier it will be for hosting. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for more information.

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