Designing Your Display Booth for the Best Trade Show Experience

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Trade shows are a prime opportunity for businesses to connect with customers and partners and network with those who have similar interests. The key to a successful trade show outing is booth design, which will shape interactions and draw in new clients. Signage is perhaps the most important element of booth design, and custom printing in Boston can help your business stand out from the crowd.

Trade shows are an important marketing tool
Trade shows are a unique opportunity for your business. A recent survey found that nearly all, or 99% of marketers believe that trade shows offer greater value than other marketing spaces. Face to face interaction with potential buyers and partners is an important part of the trade experience for a significant number of attendees.
Beyond networking and introductions, trade shows are an opportunity to make sales and ink deals. The vast majority, or 81% of trade show attendees are potential customers with buying authority. A striking trade booth design that makes a strong statement about your brand will help pull in new and potential customers.

Planning your trade show booth
When planning trade show booths, some of the most important things to keep in mind are location, stand design, and signage. These must be designed to promote your goals, which can include the following:

  • Connecting with clients and business partners
  • Reaching new clients
  • Establishing your brand identity
  • Signing new deals and orders

Sometimes the best way to plan your trade show booth design is to call in the professionals. The consultation, design and building processes take some time, so you should plan to start well ahead of time.

Using lighting and graphics to draw attention
Besides location and booth design, lighting and design are two other elements that can help you attract more attention to your booth display and to stand out from the crowd. That’s where custom printing in Boston can help you to have an impact, with banner printing and eye-catching graphics. They can also handle your brochure printing needs.
When choosing the graphics, keep in mind that you will want elements that are visible from a long distance, as well as design or text that works best at engaging the viewer’s attention. Graphics do a lot of work – not only do they attract attention in the first place, they also engage and inform potential customers about your brand.

Finally, when choosing graphics, use bright colors, but also make sure that there is enough white space. A good rule of thumb is to leave about 40% blank space on your graphics. Quality printing also affects the final appearance of your graphics and booth display. Professionals that do custom printing in Boston can help ensure the success of your trade show booth.

Trade shows are an important advertising and networking opportunity for businesses. Carefully planning your booth display and graphics in collaboration with professionals who do custom printing in Boston can help ensure that they will attract new and potential customers.

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