How To Open Cable Seals



Have you lost the key to an item that you used a cable seal to lock and now you need to know how to open cable seals easily without needing to trim the line or cut the cable? Did you know that you can re-use a single-use cable tie by using this nifty trick?

Video Source

Use a simple slimjim type lock pick tool dipped in Floriol brand Trio oil to loosen the seal. You can use any cooking oil similar to the Romanian cold-expeller pressed vegan product in this way. The entire process takes less than two minutes, as shown in this video.

The oil surrounds the sealing wire and loosens the connection enough that you can crimp the wire without making a cut in it. This lets you slide the cable out of the locking mechanism.

You save the cable and can easily reuse it. The locking mechanism also works fine still. You probably have the tools to do this in your home, or you can fashion a tool from something in your existing tool kit.

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