What Cables You Should Have on Hand Around Your House

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If you or your family are device fanatics and always are plugged in, you may want to consider investing in bulk USB cables. They can make your life a good deal simpler and they’re small enough to keep at home, in the car, at work, or tucked in your bag when traveling. Never worry about not being able to connect your device to a power source or to another device ever again when you invest in bulk USB cables you can bring anywhere! Many USB cables now come in fun colors, a variety of lengths, and can be relatively inexpensive to purchase. With some easy research, you can find them at good prices and stash them wherever you need one. Plus, they’re good to have on hand especially if you have an active family and your USB cables are always getting broken or lost. Always have one on hand for emergencies! With the new colors available, you can avoid fights over whose cable is whose — simply color code according to family member!
Why Are USB Cables So Important?
USB cables are the cable of choice that power many of our most used devices — from our phones to our tablets — and can be used to connect them to computers. For example, our printers and scanners are often hooked into our computer by way of USB cables and we hook our phone and cameras into the computer to transfer pictures using USB cables. Without USB cables, we would need a wider variety of cables (and arguably) a more complicated process to transfer information from device to device.
Where Can I Find USB Cables?
You can find USB cables pretty much anywhere these days. Because they’ve become so common as cell phone chargers, you can even pick some cheaper options up at your local drugstore! Office supply stores, electronic stores, and other retailers may also have USB cables that fit your needs. However, your best bet is often to go online to find higher quality USB cables or if you’re looking for more specialized cables, like ones that have a longer cord. You can either go directly to the company that made the device you need the USB cable for or you can search other retailers who may offer less expensive options that perform the exact same function.
Other Than Bulk USB Cables, Are There Other Cables I Should Have Around?
Buying bulk USB cables may not be the only thing you want to be purchasing! An HDMI cable — whether it’s a standard HDMI cable or a highspeed HDMI cable — is also an essential purchase for your home. You can choose from regular HDMI cables, to HDMI cables that come with Ethernet or are specifically designed for your car, and highspeed HDMI cables that have Ethernet.
Like USB cables, the price of HDMI cables has come down significantly in recent years, as more and more consumers use them to connect audio/video content from one to device to another. (A common example is streaming a movie from your laptop onto your TV screen using an HDMI cable.) Don’t believe people if they tell you that your HDMI cable has to cost $50 or more. You can certainly find an HDMI cable well under that price that’s good quality and performs well.
Similarly, there are plenty of lengths of HDMI cables (and no, the length doesn’t affect how well the audio and video quality comes through, so don’t let anyone tell you different), so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. If a 100 ft HDMI cable suits your needs, there’s one available! If you only need a 25 ft HDMI cable, you can find that too! You’ll never have to complain about using a smaller screen again with an HDMI cable in hand.
Between USB cables and HDMI cables, your home will have everything it needs to be well connected and efficient! Buying in bulk can help reduce the annoyance of losing or damaging a current cable and there are plenty of retailers that can help you find them for a relatively inexpensive price.

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