How Many Times Have Your Workers Damaged a Laptop When They Are Out in the Field?

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If your laptop is often exposed to extreme temperatures and high altitudes then it is important to consider investing in one of the latest toughbook laptop computers for sale. In fact, without this kind of investment you may just be throwing good money after bad when it comes to technology. The decision to upgrade an entire office to a set of toughbook laptop computers for sale is an even wiser decision.

There are many careers that require laptops. And while you may think that all of these jobs are behind a desk, that simply is not true. From engineers who need to have their laptops with them while they are out on the job site to the semi rugged laptops that are a part of many agricultural jobs, there are many times when technology is needed out in the field, away from the comfort and protection of a desk.

How Often Do You Take Your Laptop Away from Your Desk and Out of the Office?
Depending on the kind of work that you do and the amount of time that your technology spends out of an office, it is often important to make sure that you have made the best purchase. The latest thin and lightweight toughbook laptops allow many workers to have the technology where it is needed. Can you imagine, for instance, not being able to have your phone with you when you are visiting a job site or when you are on the road. In today’s technology driven society this simply would not make sense. Likewise, there are a growing number of careers where workers need more than their cell phone when they are visiting a road construction project or outdoor construction site.

Take, for instance, the extreme weather conditions that much of the midwest experienced in the last few weeks. As a result of the bomb cyclone that caused flooding in some areas and blizzards in others there are many people who are facing complete devastation when it comes to their personal and business properties. When Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) members show up to record and make determinations about the damage, these workers need to have the latest technology available to them. They may be able to take some pictures and record some videos on their phones or tablets, but much of the data that needs to be collected requires a full screen solution.

With the use of the latest toughbook laptop computers for sale, as well as the impact resistant cases that are available for phones and tablets, FEMA workers and others out in the field are able to be more productive. The latest research indicates that the loss of even one laptop can cost a business as much as $47,000 on average. This loss includes the cost of the laptop, downtime, support, and management time. When you multiply this amount by the number of laptops that are at risk everyday while out in the field you begin to see the implications of these replacement costs.

By the end of their fifth year in use, 61% of regular laptops used in fieldwork settings are in need of serious repair, so investing in a rugged case is a good investment for many kinds of companies. From road construction crews to civil engineering teams to FEMA workers, there are a wide range of times when an initial investment up front pays big benefits in the long run.

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