Michgan Woman Almost Loses a Small Fortune

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Many people have had a situation where they have lost a $10 or $20 bill. While this situation is understandably frustrating, it could always be worse. A woman from Michigan recently almost lost a lot more money than that. In this post, you’ll learn why Delaine Passucci almost lost an astounding $50,000.

How This Almost Happened

Statistics show that nearly 50% of all adults throughout the United States report purchasing a lottery ticket within the past 12 months. Considering that, many of these adults choose to play the game of Powerball. The game of Powerball involves a randomly set of numbers picked to form a winning combination. In order to obtain these numbers, players must purchase a ticket. Rather than waiting to catch the numbers on the news, Passucci used a convenient lottery ticket scanner. You’ll find that a scanner for lottery tickets are available in many stores.

Problems with a Lotto Scanner

Unfortunately, this is where problems began. Passucci went up to the lotto ticket scanner and the machine told her she wasn’t a winner. Understandably frustrated but busy, she placed the tickets back into her wallet. At this point, most would have thought these tickets were losers and tossed them in the nearest trash bin. However, Passucci was determined to try and scan the tickets again. However, she still found that they were losing numbers. Amazingly, she decided to give her luck one last try and have a clerk scan the tickets for her.

Passucci’s Luck Changes with the Help of a Clerk

As the clerk scanned the tickets, Passucci was positive she would see the same message. However, something unexpected would happen after the clerk used the scanner for lottery tickets. The clerk told Passucci that she would need to visit a local lottery office in order to claim her winnings. As Passucci learned that she had all of the matching numbers, she was stunned. A ticket that was almost tossed out was the perfect match for a $50,000 Powerball prize.

There’s no official explanation for what happened with the lottery scanner. It could have been Passucci entering the tickets incorrectly. Regardless of what caused the malfunction, the important part of this is that Passucci was able to receive her winnings. She plans on donating a portion to her local church while saving the rest.

In conclusion, Mary Passucci’s story had a happy ending. However, this could have become a major problem for the store in question. If you don’t want to deal with malfunctioning equipment, it’s important to purchase a quality scanner for lottery tickets. Having reliable ticket scanner systems ensures that you won’t have to think about almost costing someone $50,000 or more!

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