6 Smart Tips for Managing Millennial Executives

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Numerous studies are finding that workers are becoming more prone to voluntarily leaving their jobs. In fact, statistics found that 2.7 million employees voluntarily quit their jobs by the end of June 2015. This is important because it’s a 25% increase compared to what this figure was at the end of June 2013. Unfortunately, this often happens with millennials. A 2016 Gallup poll found that 60% of millennials are open to a new role at any given time. These workers are extremely valuable, meaning you’ll want to do everything possible to retain them. With that in mind, here are six tips for managing and retaining millennial executives.

  1. Millennials Often Enjoy Team Environments

    Many millennials have extensive experience working in team environements. Most of these employees spent much of their time in school taking part in group projects. Therefore, millennials might work better if they’re regularly placed in team environments.
  2. Do Your Best to Avoid a Boring Workplace

    It’s understandable that your office isn’t an amusement park. However, you’ll want to try to do everything possible to avoid a drab workplace. With that in mind, consider having an interior decorator breathe new life into your office. You can also make this location fun by creating a cool break room. Many companies include pool tables, televisions, and video games in these spaces.
  3. Maintain a Good Work Life Balance

    Of course, many business owners wish they could get everything done in a day. In addition, many older workers have grown used to the 12 hour workday. Unfortunately, this doesn’t tend to fly with most millennials. Therefore, it’s important that they do have a proper work life balance. If you can’t offer this to your workers, they’re likely to find companies that will.
  4. Recognize Millennials Going Above and Beyond

    Statistics show that 86% of companies utilizing recognition programs notice an increase in employee happiness. After your executive search consultant services find the right candidate, reward your worker. Millennials love knowing that they’re doing a great job.
  5. Continually Provide Guidance to Millennial Executives

    Being in a high position of authority at a young age can feel daunting. Therefore, it’s important to know that millennials workers love receiving continual guidance. This helps to ensure that your new executive is doing well. Executive search consultant services will help prepare these workers. However, you’ll still want to give them guidance long after their first weeks.
  6. Use Millennials Tech Skills to Your Advantage

    Millennials are one of the generations most comfortable with technology. Considering that, you can use this to your company’s advantage. Companies often hire restructuring consultants to place workers where they’re best suited. If you’re wondering how your business can make its way onto newer platforms, you’ll need millennials on your team.

To summarize, there are several tips to follow while managing millennials. If you’re looking to hire the right millennials for your company, it’s important to have assistance. With that in mind, many companies partner with executive search consultant services. These services help companies find that talent they’re looking for.

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