The Benefits Of Search Engine Marketing

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In this age of technology where half of all people in the United States have some type of smartphone, where the internet is prevalent in nearly everything that we do, search engine marketing is crucial for many businesses and companies. SEO techniques and SEO tools can help a company or business to flourish and grow and taking steps like incorporating a blog as part of the business can help to expand to a newer and broader customer base than ever before.

Blogs in particular have shown to be an effective tool in search engine marketing. In fact, over half of businesses half gained more customers through their blog. However, it is important that the blog is regularly updated on a timely basis, as this is the best way to keep it as far up on search pages as possible and get the blog to rank highly in google algorithims. A cohesive and responsive web design can also help to attract customers to your page, business, and product. Good website development can make a better user experience and website design has proven to be crucial for attracting customers. For instance, if a website is frustrating to navigate, more than half of all potential customers will become so frustrated that they give up on it entirely, navigating away from the page and away from your product. An overabundance of advertisements can be hugely detrimental as well, and will cause over 80% of survey respondents to close the tab with your website, even if your website is one of their favorite sites. As nearly 60% of all internet users have researched a service or product online, and most do it regularly, the layout and functionality of your website can be critical to your success and your search engine marketing.

Search engine marketing is essential in this day and age, as so much of our information is gathered online. 30% of all searches for information about restaurants is made online, research from Google tells us, and people are more likely to click results that appear sooner on the page. It is important that your product, service, and business appear as high up as possible on search engines, and proper search engine marketing can help to make this a reality. One useful strategy for search energy marketing is that of a popular and well run blog. A well maintained website is also a good way to gain new customers and keep existing ones loyal.

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