The Necessity of a Strong Internet Connection

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The internet is a crucial part of our lives today. In fact, there are probably very few things you do in your daily routine that do not involve the internet in some way or another. In today?s highly technological times, people not only expect the internet to be reliable, but to also be extremely fast. In addition to your internet provider, the type of cables that you use plays an important role in the speed of your internet.

USB cables
USB cables are the most common method to connect devices together. In a household with many technological items, it can be useful to buy bulk USB cables. If your home has multiple desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones, it is very likely that you are constantly running out of or losing USB cables. USB cables are important for transferring information from one device to another. They are also useful for storing information and streaming content from one device to another.

Many consumers switch to updated USB cables and throw out older ones. Unless your current USB cable is frayed and has become a fire hazard, this is not always necessary. For example, USB 3.0 cables are compatible with USB 2.0 devices, but the performance of these connections is only as fast as it would be at 2.0 level. However, unless you require the increase in speed, you can still use the older 2.0 USB cable or cat5 crossover cable options.

Cat cables
Cat cables are needed for internet speed and connectivity. There are many different types of cat cables including cat5e cables, cat6 cables, and even cat5 crossover cables. The cat5 crossover cables are used between two different types of technological devices. Data can be transmitted through fiber optic cabling faster than traditional cabling due to increased capacity. Right now, commercial uses of fiber optic cabling can transmit 10 to 80 Gigabits per second over just one channel.

Clear technological images
In addition to using Cat5 crossover cables for speed and connectivity, they are also needed for a clear image. When data is not transferred in an efficient way, the image is left grainy and difficult to view. This results in TV shows with less than average quality. HDMI and bulk cat6 cables can improve these visuals. HDMI can pass video resolutions from 490i up to 4K. However, each manufacturer determines the parameters for what is to be transferred via HDMI in their components.

Remember to protect your devices
Anytime you insert USB cables or bulk fiber optic cables into a technological device, there is always the chance of problems. If you are transmitting more technology that your household can handle, it could result in a surge. Although this usually only results from high amounts of power usage, it has happened in smaller ones. A surge typically measures less than 500V and lasts less than 2 seconds. A spike, on the other hand, is much shorter in duration, less than one thousandth of a second, but can measure into the thousands of volts. If you are going to use numerous cables and technological devices, make sure you are properly protecting them with surge protectors.

Our world today relies on the transmittal of information through the internet. For convenient and effective transmission, the internet must be well connected and of a good speed. With many HDMI, fiber optic, and cat cables to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the best ones for the most effective of internet. Just remember that whichever ones you do choose, you also protect them with a good surge protector.

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