The 5 Most Common Tech Issues IT Support Handles Everyday

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Behind any company or place of business, there is a high tech world that keeps things afloat. Guaranteed, there are plenty of computers behind the scenes that help keep track of everything and aid in efficiency. Technology is evolving at such a high speed, and there are new advancements everyday. It can be difficult to keep up with every change, and be able to navigate your own way through new operating systems and software. No doubt, things can get confusing. It is okay to ask for help, especially when there are IT support services available through technology companies. IT services and IT consulting can be a godsend when you are unfamiliar with the computer you are using. There are a few common issues people encounter when dealing with a computer, and IT solutions are there to solve the problem.

1. Blue Screen

Perhaps you are using an older computer, just working along, and your screen suddenly cuts out with a blue color. This is called the blue screen of death, which is a sign of a fatal system error. This sounds scary, but it is something that can be handled immediately by IT support. The outcome can be good or bad, depending on the state of the computer. IT support can patiently guide you through the steps to get this issue solved.

2. Accidental Deletion

When cleaning up some files, it can be easy to accidentally delete some important documents. This is a stressful situation and many thoughts may race through your mind once you realize it’s gone. 47% of companies end up losing data due to employees accidentally deleting the information. Luckily, this is not permanent and with the help of IT support, you can get any important file back. Retrieving the deleted files can be a quick fix or a lot more difficult depending on if you empties the recycle bin or not. However, IT support can offer immediate assistance to get your important documents back as soon as possible.

3. Slow Computer

Heavy use everyday can affect any computer negatively. You may begin to notice when browsing on your computer, it takes much longer for things to load than it did before. This could be for many reasons, and that is why IT support is around to help. IT support can scan your computer and identify what is slowing it down. The issue can be anything from too many files, to hard drive failure, and even malware. However, IT support can quickly resolve the issue and make sure you can get back to work with a faster computer.

4. Internet Issues

Many people know the frustration of internet problems. It can be extremely slow, or even not connect at all. This is another issue than can be simple or difficult. Either way, IT support can be on the case immediately to assess the situation. Any internet connection problem could be due to a faulty set up, overly consumed bandwidth, or provider issues. With wifi, there could be many things affecting your ability to pick it up. Internet can be a very fickle thing that an experienced IT person can fix as soon as possible.

5. Unrecognized Device

When you plug in any device to a USB port on your computer, you probably expect your computer to see it and have it working immediately. Unfortunately, sometimes the computer will not recognize the device automatically. IT support can help you solve this issue by finding the device within the computer system and activating it manually. This is often a quick fix and you can continue working immediately.

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