The Top Two Technologies Your Business Might Be Missing

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How modern is your company? Not sure? It’s time to keep reading. Our busy world stops for no one and one of the most common mistakes a business will make is not keeping up with the technological times. From fax machines to traditional phone systems, many previous staples are falling out of style in favor of faster and more reliable options. One of these is the premise-based VoIP solution, a series of advanced hosted telephone technologies that make basic communication and meetings a breeze. Let’s take a look at what a new business phone solution can add to your company, no matter the size or service offered.

What Are Common Mistakes People Make?

It’s time to avoid common pitfalls and get your business back on the right track. Anything that is over a few years old can stand to be replaced, as technology is only getting faster and faster with each coming year. Don’t make the frequent mistake of not studying your competitors, as well — learning what they’re doing right as well as what they’re doing wrong will go a long way in improving your foundation from the ground up. Some of the most favorable solutions even now are cloud systems, be they hybrid models or standard installations.

What Are Cloud Solutions?

One of the easiest ways of collecting, organizing and distributing information throughout a company is using cloud technology. Studies have shown over 82% of companies saving money by moving their business to the cloud, with the global market for cloud equipment expected to reach over $80 billion by 2018. In fact, your company is more likely to downsize once you switch to the cloud due to its intrinsic adaptability and flexibility. These can be installed in a matter of days and will have benefits felt for months to come.

What Is A Premise-Based VoIP Solution?

It’s not enough to simply organize your information. How are you distributing it? The most commonly used business phone feature used today is the 3-way calling at 60%. An article by Forbes released a study of over ten thousand companies and how they use the Internet to communicate — it was revealed that 70% of Internet leads are wasted due to extended response time and that it takes close to two days for a return call to be made. Tired of wait times and dropped calls? Eliminate them entirely with a premise-based VoIP solution!

How Does Premise-Based VoIP Technology Save Money?

Did you know a small business that switches to VoIP can reduce the cost of their local calls by up to 40%? VoIP can even cut initial startup costs for a brand new business by up to 90%, saving entrepreneurs on precious time as they seek to build their brand and pull in customers. Organizations with unified communications, including VoIP, saved an average of 30 minutes every day per employee by allowing the staff to connect quicker and easier.

Where Should I Get Started?

If you’re interested in saving both time and money you’ll want to start looking for VoIP business systems and a cloud service. A cloud will help you manage your information in a time-efficient way by distributing constantly updated data throughout your company, accessible to everyone whenever they need it, while world-class phone solutions will shave off excess minutes and keep you doing what you do best. Unified messaging saves employees over 40 minutes per day due to better message management, with mobile workers saving almost an hour every day. Are you ready to step up your game?

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