Are You Ready for New Offerings from Advertising Agencies as Soon as the Election is Over?

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You probably hate to admit it, but after tomorrow you might even be looking forward to the television and radio advertising. Heck, even the pop up ads when you are searching the internet or checking your social media feeds will be less irritating after tomorrow.
The Presidential Election of 2016 has been both exhausting and inescapable. Any time you have turned on the television, the radio, checked your cell phone, lap top, or home computer, you have been bombarded with political ads of every kind. And as the campaign cycle of 2016 turned even more negative even faster than before, the advertising agency offering for the post election cycle may seem even more interesting. Imagine the things that you can look forward to hearing and viewing advertising agency promotion of after the November 8 Election Day. The variety will cover every letter in the alphabet!

  • Athletic wear for holiday gift giving instead of accusations about the other candidate’s honesty.
  • Bad poll results will move aside for the more positive messages about the upcoming holiday saesons.
  • Codes for discounts on holiday merchandise instead of codes for the nuclear weapons.
  • Dessert recipes that feature some of the newest cookware offerings instead of more deadlines for voter registration and balloting.
  • Events that include Christmas tree lightenings and New Year’s Eve celebrations instead of campaign speeches and introductions.
  • Failed political speeches can move aside for furry pet videos that make everyone smile.
  • GOP and Democratic analysts can move aside for the attention to what the good children on Santa’s list might be asking for on Christmas.
  • Hillary ads will go away and Happy Hanukkah messages will fill the social media feeds.
  • Ideal exercise and menu planning for a New Year’s resolution instead of idealogical discussions about the future of the American democracy.
  • Jump roping exercising videos will take the place of video of a presidential candidate candidate making locker room comments about women.
  • Kansas election results will move over for advertising agency presentations of the results of the after Thanksgiving Christmas sales.
  • Little tricks you can take to increase your companies social media presence instead of listening to a creative agency spend their efforts promoting political bobble heads.
  • More marketing agency talent can move to promoting gifts and services instead of promoting politicians and their policies.
  • November 9th advertising agency promotions can move away from political promotions to product promotions.
  • Over and under predictions for the election results can move aside for a focus on how much money people are spending on the remaining Sundays before Christmas.
  • Product reviews for consumers, in fact as many as 11 on the path to any purchase, who are looking for the best new car instead of political reviews.
  • Quitting smoking ads as the new year begins instead of people talking about quitting the entire political process.
  • Record players, the retro version of music playing instead of records of voting history for opposing candidates.
  • Sales events for the 2017 car models instead of sales events for for political clothing items and other novelties.
  • Toy trends for the children in your family instead of politicians threatening a lawsuit or investigation.
  • Uncommon toys that are new to the market can take the place of uncouth comments that are made when politicians try to go off script.
  • Vases made from expertly cut glass can take the place of violent comments when advertising agencies focus on what will get the most views.
  • Window and door decorations for the holiday will take the place of window clings and bumper stickers promoting a favorite candidate.
  • X-ray examinations of the statistics can be about what kind of vacation advertising works best during the winter months instead of detailed examination of the latest minute by minute political poll results.
  • You Tube videos, which account for at least 95% of Google?s total revenue from advertising, can again focus on feel good stories and not doom and gloom politics.
  • Zoo memberships instead of political party membership loyalty.

It is likely that the advertising agencies themselves are looking forward to the more accessible and affordable television, radio, and print space that will be available after the competition with Election 2016 goes away. An ad agency that has spent the last months preparing and perfecting political spots might be looking forward to selling toys, food, and gifts!

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