Why Should I Use An SEO Branding Strategy For My Business?

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What does it mean to have an SEO branding strategy? Simply put, it means to put the power of marketing in the hands of your customers, helping them find you without the hassle of intrusive advertisements and memory-hungry load times. With customers inundated with more information than they need at any given day, discretion has become the name of the game. Slowly but surely SEO has proven a more ideal option than even billboards, animated advertisements and newspapers combined. Not sure how SEO works or how it’s more effective than standard forms of advertising? The list below will answer all your questions.

Use The Best Tools

An SEO branding strategy is the smartest course of action you can take for your business, no matter its size, direction and services offered. Over 90% of all online experiences begin with a single search engine, meaning if yours doesn’t show up when a customer needs it they’ll be going to another business entirely. Google owns nearly 70% of all search engine market share, making it a popular choice for entrepreneurs looking to get into local search engine optimization. SEO works by using common keywords to direct people to businesses that will benefit them.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Studies have shown three-quarters of all search users never scrolling past the first page of their search results. In fact, studies have shown over 80% of users ignoring paid ads entirely in favor of organic results. An SEO branding strategy has the benefit of giving your current and potential customers the information they need to know going forward while circumventing the often frustrating and annoying aspects of a competitive industry. With over 27 million pieces of online content shared on a daily basis, getting lost in the shuffle is not an option.

Know Your Audience

The Internet is used for a wide variety of tasks, from research to entertainment, and shouldn’t be underestimated when crafting your SEO branding strategy. Even then, search and e-mail have been found to be the top two Internet activities for most users. According to a study by Pew Internet, nearly 60% of people have researched either a service or product online in the past week. This can affect how your digital marketing reaches your audience at any given point in time.

Adapt To Technology

It’s not enough to simply adopt a marketing strategy. You need to constantly update to stay relevant in a rapidly changing arena. Did you know over half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices? In fact, local mobile ad spending is expected to grow from $800 million to $18 billion in the next few years. Over 50% of consumers are far more likely to purchase from a mobile optimized site than those that aren’t configured, meaning that falling behind on technology will have financial ramifications down the road.

Use An SEO Branding Strategy

If you want to keep your brand in the eyes of customers and regularly rake in the figures you need to thrive, it’s time for you to dip your toes into the waters of digital marketing. Studies have shown 70% of social media users in North America connected to at least one local business, if not several, and page hits have been more than doubling through online directories. There are over 645 million page views of local pages during an average week in the United States, creating the most information saturated market we’ve seen yet. With an SEO branding strategy you can take advantage of modern technology without the common pitfalls that come with the environment.

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