The Path To Creating A Good Mobile Website

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There is much that goes into taking your brand from small time to the big leagues. Part of that has to do with establishing your presence online. A website does a lot to ensure the reachability of your brand, your product, and your company as a whole. Certainly, it reaches a lot more people than “traditional” advertising. A website also tends to communicate a level of professionalism that a print ad or billboard does not. In many ways, digital marketing is no longer a plus, but a necessity. With that being said, it’s not enough to simple have a website. Perhaps you already do — but so do plenty of other people. There are several different things that need to happen to ensure that your site is as successful as it possibly can be. This isn’t something you can always do alone — in fact, many professionals hire web design companies to help them make their websites unique and usable. The most important thing to remember when creating a website for the modern era is the mobile accessibility of that site. Mobile web design is important in every way — as you’ll see below. Your website can be exactly as you want it; but if you don’t consider mobile web design, it won’t be as successful as it otherwise could have been.

Mobile Web Design: A Few Quick Facts

If you’re confused as to why mobile web design is such an important part of good web design, that’s understandable. Only recently did mobile websites become the norm. It’s simply not enough to make websites accessible by regular computers. Have a mobile website means that the website in question is accessible through things like tablets and phones. Essentially, an ideal mobile website is accessible through any kind of device that can connect to the internet. This may not seem like a necessity to everyone, but it really is. In fact, an estimated 62% of companies that designed websites specifically for mobile devices reported an increase in sales. Additionally, 70% of mobile searches led to some kind of action within an hour. If you think that mobile websites are just a passing fad, don’t. Many people don’t just look at products online — they buy them. Mobile websites are simply a way to expand the means through which you can shop online. It’s believed that 40% of internet users have bought products or goods online through desktops, phones, tablets, or other devices. Shopping online doesn’t mean browsing and buying later — it’s real.

Building A Mobile Website: What To Remember

Many business owners employ digital marketing firms to assist them in launching mobile websites. There’s a good reason for this. Launching a mobile website doesn’t mean simply taking the website you already have and making it accessible through mobile devices. It means ensuring that the site remains aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. It also means putting careful consideration into how that website runs. People shopping online are often people on the go. They don’t want to spend hours on waiting for your website to load. In fact, 40% of online shoppers will leave a webpage if it takes more than three seconds to load. With four out of five people using their smartphones to shop, that could be a lot of potential shoppers lost if your mobile website loads slowly. Of course, a fast website isn’t good enough. That website also needs to have information on display. Think about using SEO content to make your website more accessible and easier to understand — in a way that doesn’t seem to be about a mass of overwhelming information. Remember that people’s first impression of your website is likely the one that will matter the most. You don’t want them to write off your site because it doesn’t load quickly or is difficult to understand.

A good mobile website is an indicator of a good website overall — don’t shelve it!

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