3 Uses for Industrial X-Ray Inspection

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Reverse engineer

Computerized tomography or CT scanning services have been around for many years. In the early 1970s a British engineer named Godfrey Hounsfield first invented the technology. Since then, it has predominantly been used in the medical field to examine the internal human body. The original systems were dedicated to head imaging only, but “whole body” systems with larger patient openings were soon developed.

One of the most recent areas where this technology is now being used is in industrial CT scanning and industrial X-ray inspection. The industrial CT scanning process allows manufacturers, researchers, and business people to study and examine the insides of different machines, parts, and devices that would otherwise be impossible to do without destroying or taking apart the piece in question. This provides for an array of benefits and possibilities for use.

Here are three potential uses for industrial X-ray inspection technology.

  1. Analysis and Repair: One of the most popular uses for this sort of industrial X-ray inspection technology is to figure out what’s wrong with something without taking it apart. By placing the piece or device in question and having it scanned researchers can see 3D visual resolutions, analyze the problem, and hopefully come up with a solution.
  2. Regular Inspection: In addition to repair, this sort of technology can also be sued for regular inspection. This could come in the form of at the factory before a device or piece is sent out to ensure validity, or by consumers/clients to make sure a piece of equipment they’ve had for awhile is still operational. Many industrial X-ray inspection have the capabilities to look at pieces that are very small or large.
  3. Reverse Engineering: Reverse engineering is a process by which a company or manufacturer takes something apart in order to try and figure out how it works so that they can use that knowledge in their own products and services. Industrial X-ray inspection is tailor-made for this sort of project because it allows you to see inside before you start taking things apart and potentially breaking them.

As technology continues to grow and improve there will no doubt be even more uses for this innovative technology.

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