7 Tips to Save Money on Commercial Printing



Despite the fact that many people say they do not mail things, companies still rely on direct mail advertising to promote their businesses. Nearly 80% of all small businesses use a combination of digital and print ads to communicate with current and potential clients and customers. As proof of this, nearly $45 million was spent in the United States on direct mail ad campaigns in 2014. More than 62% of American adults admit they like checking their mailboxes for mail. Most companies that send out direct mail use commercial printing services.

7 Tips to Save Money on Commercial Printing:

  1. Proofread you mailings and then do that again. Have more than one person proof read all of your mailings. It is nearly impossible to proof read your own writing. When you are looking over your mailings, read them out loud. This is always a good idea because you can read what you want to see rather than what you actually see. Have someone who is not as close to the project check it. Not only will this save you money in reprinting costs but it will save you the embarrassment of sending out advertising with spelling or grammatical errors. This sounds like a simple thing but it is really easy to misspell the name of your company or put the wrong phone number on a mailing. You cannot be too careful when you check your materials for mistakes like these.
  2. Ask for a lighter paper. Ask your printer about the different weights of paper and if there are any discounts you can get on your commercial printing. If you know you are going to print a number of mailings. Ask what kind of paper the print company uses as the default.
  3. Ask about digital printing for your images. It typically costs less to print digitally rather than offset. This can be a real cost saver if you are doing smaller jobs.
  4. Format your images correctly. If your commercial printing company has to convert your art work and images to a preferred format, they will charge you to do this. Ask what they prefer to use for your images and logo. Also ask about your fonts. You should use simple fonts and images for your mailers so if they are not what the printing company has, ask if you should still use it yourself. They may have suggestions that make your advertising more impactful.
  5. Use ink sparingly. Remember, the more you use the more you will spend. Try to avoid images that “bleed” where the color goes all of the way to  the edge of your mailer. Using embossing, metallic colors and solid ink coverage will add a lot to the costs of your printing without adding a lot of value. Your direct mail pieces should be memorable, simple and easy to read. They do not have to be really fancy or use copious amounts of ink. Work with your commercial printing company to design advertising materials that are cost effective and work.
  6. Plan ahead. You can always get a job rushed if you really have to but if you know you will have a sale around Memorial Day or Thanksgiving, take your time. These are holidays that happen on the same time every year. You have the luxury to be able to plan your mailers in advance and get the best deal on your commercial printing.
  7. Larger commercial printing jobs are more cost effective than smaller ones. If you know you are going to need a lot of something printed, have it done. If you need a lot of stationary with your logo, which should not change very often, it can be cheaper to do a large commercial printing job than a few smaller ones.

If you find a good, local commercial printing company, they will want to make you happy. This is a win-win for both your business and theirs. When you are talking to different commercial printing companies talk to them about developing a long term relationship. This gives them a lot of incentive to keep your costs down and provide you with a quality product. It also helps you put your best foot forward with your direct mail advertising.

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