5 Reasons To Consider Using IT Managed Services For Your Business

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Managed services are services that you outsource to other companies, rather than having your own internal department responsible for it. Here are five reasons that you might want to consider IT managed services for your business:

1. You Can Save Money

Using managed IT services is a great way to cut costs without decreasing the quality of the product or service your business offers. A company that specializes in information technology will be able to provide all of your IT services at a lower cost than you would have to pay your own employees to manage the department within the company.

2. You Can Expand Your IT Capability

IT is a very broad category, and your current IT employees might have only limited skills and experience, while you need a lot more for your business. IT managed services providers can offer you a wide variety of services that you might not be capable of. Those services could include web design, help with online advertising and marketing, computer repair technicians, and network security systems.

3. You Can Improve Your Online Marketing

Social media and blogging are valuable marketing tools. About 93% of marketers use social media as a marketing tool, and 95% of small businesses say blogging is an effective tool. If you don’t have the resources or the skills to do either of these things internally, managed IT services could be a great option for your business. If you use IT managed services to expand and improve your online marketing, you will probably start bringing in more customers.

4. You Can Improve Your Communications

IT managed services can also help your business improve its communication system, with tools like softphones, which allow you to make telephone calls over the Internet. Changes like this can increase your sales and marketing capability.

5. You Can Increase Your Security

About 87% of small businesses suffered a security breach in 2012, and data breaches be costly. You might have to spend money on damage control, or even legal fines, depending on what type of information your computer system holds. IT managed services can help you make your computer systems more secure, so that you can avoid data breaches.

Managed IT services can be a great option if you are looking to take your business to the next level. Businesses of all sizes can find managed IT services at a price that works for them.

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