An Interview with Mike Quinn, President of Yellow Bridge Interactive



We were fortunate to have an opportunity to meet with Mike Quinn, President of Yellow Bridge Interactive, to discuss his background and the ever evolving nature of his business. Yellow Bridge Interactive, a Pittsburgh-based technology company specializing in custom website design and development, aims to bring improved content management systems and easy to navigate interfaces to all businesses and their consumers.

Mike, thanks for taking the time to meet with me today. For people interested in a career in website design and development, can you give us an idea of what your educational and professional background is like?

Mike Quinn: I have a background in website design and programming. I attended a technical school in Pittsburgh, obtaining a degree in Specialized Technology. Starting out as a freelancer, I then moved into a role as a website developer for a Pittsburgh company, and now (I am) the president of Yellow Bridge Interactive.

Did your time spent seeking that degree in Specialized Technology give you everything you needed to get Yellow Bridge off the ground? What sort of extra training or experience, if any, did you need to make your vision for your company into a viable, obtainable reality? Web development is constantly evolving, and I wonder how you keep up.

MQ: Through research on web development practices as well as staying up to date with new development technologies. I’ve incorporated those into the day-to-day operation of Yellow Bridge.

Given that website development and design is this organic, truly volatile sort of field, are you able to keep to a static business plan? What does your current business plan look like when you compare it to what you started out with?

MQ: There was a business plan at first, but we were met with a lot of things that caused a change in course. We still adhere to our core business model, but we are ever evolving.

Mike Quinn is the President of Yellow Bridge Interactive, a Pittsburgh-based technology firm focused on website design and development. For more information on Yellow Bridge, please visit, or call the company directly at 412.586.7485. If you are a Pittsburgh local, you can learn more about the firm by visiting their offices, located at 1013 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203.

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