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How to Choose a PCB Assembly Company

Written by admin on . Posted in Pcb assembly quote, Pcb prototype service, Prototype pcb service

Printed circuit boards (PCB) are a crucial part of electronics and their functionality. They are also complicated to manufacture. There are a lot of steps in the PCB manufacturing process, including some that take place before the actual fabrication of the product even begins.

It’s important for anyone who is putting together a piece of technology to have a quality, functioning PCB. Mistakes in the manufacturing process could lead to overall problems with the end product, so choosing a PCB manufacturer to purchase from should take a little time. Below is some advice on how to make sure you are ordering from a quality PCB assembly company.

Do a Tour

Most manufacturing plants will allow potential clients to take a tour of their facility. You should definitely take advantage of this, because it allows you to see the entire process of the product being made. You get the opportunity to observe the

The Power of USB and Ethernet Cables

Written by admin on . Posted in Cat5 cables, Iphone lightning cables, Usb 3.0 superspeed extension cables

It is safe to say that today’s is a wired world, with desktop computers, laptops, cell phones, digital projectors, DVD players, game consoles, and more becoming commonplace. And these devices are not mere novelties; many have become deeply ingrained into big business today, and any competitive company or business must invest in computers and the Internet. Often, setting up a company’s firewalls, computers, data server, and Cloud storage is relegated to IT professionals who can get a fine job done. For more private use, such as at the home or a place of worship, USB cables, bulk fiber optic cables, and Ethernet cables can hook up devices to each other and the Internet. All sorts of physical cables are connecting devices today, and having the right USB cables and ports may be key for good work. Game consoles may have USB cables to connect to a television, or their handheld controllers may plug into the console with USB cables. Desktop computers often use USB cables as well, such as for a