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Archive for February 15, 2016

How Businesses are Able to Produce New Products at a Faster Rate Than Ever Before

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Industrial ct scanning

Since its development in 1972, computerized tomography scans (CT scans) have been used principally in the medical field. CT scanning uses a computer to convert data from several X-ray images to compose a two-dimensional image from a three-dimensional object. Although most of us recognize CT scanning as a boon to the medical field, there are a number of applications for industrial CT scanning as the following examples will show.

Better Designs

Product designers typically begin work with a blank canvas, although there is generally a source of inspiration for their designs. 3D scanning technology enables designers to directly scan the source of their inspiration (whether it is an earlier model or something entirely different) to create an accurate 3D model that they can then d

5 Reasons To Consider Using IT Managed Services For Your Business

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Telephony installation

Managed services are services that you outsource to other companies, rather than having your own internal department responsible for it. Here are five reasons that you might want to consider IT managed services for your business:

1. You Can Save Money

Using managed IT services is a great way to cut costs without decreasing the quality of the product or service your business offers. A company that specializes in information technology will be able to provide all of your IT services at a lower cost than you would have to pay your own employees to manage the department within the company.

2. You Can Expand Your IT Capability

IT is a very broad category, and your current IT employees might have only limited skills and experience, while you need a lot more for your business. IT managed services provider