How A New Phone System Can Save You Money And Increase Productivity At The Same Time

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In business, communication is everything. It’s in the advertisements you put out in the digital space to draw casual eyes as much as it is day-to-day conversations with customer and employee alike. As a result, phone systems have only continued to be renovated time and time again to keep communication as seamless and efficient as possible. If your business hasn’t upgraded its multi-phone system over the past few years, you may just be losing money every month in time wasted. Not sure how this all adds up? Take a peek at the top five reasons you should consider business VoIP systems over lagging traditional methods.

Keep Up With The Times

Technology stops for nobody. When it comes to communication? It can almost seem impossible to keep up with all the rapid advances across multiple industry sectors. Mobile VoIP is projected to reach nearly one billion users by the time 2018 rolls around, making this one of the most necessary resources since the Internet was conceived. When up to 64 million American employees hold a job that is compatible at least part-time with telework offerings, it stands to reason the flexibility and portability VoIP technology adds cannot be beat.

Stay Connected No Matter What

Losing connection due to poor Ethernet or lackluster technology is frustrating for all parties. With so much to do in a given day, you need all the time you can get to reach your goals and keep your annual figures satisfied. A traditional phone line can easily be replaced with NEC phone systems or a VoIP line, saving anywhere from 20% to even 50% on monthly payments. The average day in the United States sees 11 million meetings happening across the country, ranging from video conferencing to customer service.

Bolster Productivity From The Ground Up

Did you know you can even keep productivity going smoother if you upgrade to NEC phone systems? A recent survey conducted by Sage Research found Internet telephony added up to four extra hours per week for each employee, citing less lagging, disconnect and frustration with the improved technology. If safety is a concern of yours, never fear — you can even install security cameras alongside your new and improved phone line system.

Keep Your Finances Safe And Secure

Commercial telephone systems have come a long way. Not only can they keep communication processes running smoothly, they can even be linked to other forms of technology to achieve multiple goals. Having a surveillance camera system connected to remote access can all but eliminate theft and losses, alongside improving productivity and keeping your team happy.

Keep Your Business Healthy And Strong

Nothing drags a business down more than mediocre technology and inconsistent approaches. The voice over IP industry (or, as we know it, VoIP) is going to grow over $76 billion over the next few years. The number of small office and home subscribers? An impressive $262 million — that’s a 50% increase from 2011. NEC phone systems can even be combined with cloud services, making sure everyone is on the same page no matter hwat. It’s time to look into communication solutions and give your business, and by extension your customers and employees, what they’re missing.

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