What is the Cloud and How is it Business-Friendly?

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The internet hasn’t been around for a very long time, but it’s already difficult for imagine our lives without emails and digital media. With about 4.49 billion webpages in existence, the Internet is an unprecedented information exchange that we have all come to depend upon. Checking the weather, mapping driving routes, buying products online: these are just a few of the services that we now take for granted.
Keeping this information safe is a major concern for all users. Cloud hosting services on secure servers allow users to rely on the professionals to keep their information safe. For individual users and digital marketing, a safer and more accessible Internet exists in the cloud.

The cloud is here to stay
Not only is the world of the Internet expanding rapidly, it’s also changing to keep pace with numerous developments. The security of emails, websites, and online marketing is of the greatest importance to users. To achieve this security, more and more businesses are moving to the cloud. With dedicated cloud servers, web hosting services can help to keep your information safe.

What is the cloud, really?
The cloud is really a network of interconnected servers, used to store information and to run applications. The cloud can be used by individuals, businesses, institutions and large corporations. Unlike information and applications stored on a personal computer or on a local server, the cloud can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. This gives users both flexibility and mobility.
Global web hosting and dedicated servers have their own data centers and employees. They are committed to the privacy and safety of user information. To fulfill this purpose, they are constantly adding new features and providing the support for businesses to grow.

Why do businesses love the cloud?
The cloud is business-friendly. The accessibility, flexibility and mobility provided by cloud hosting allows businesses to streamline operations, to share information across applications, and to reduce the overall costs of their IT operations, all at the same time. With the cloud, it’s easy for businesses to scale up (or down) quickly, without the costs of buying more equipment or hiring more staff.
With all the advantages of the cloud, more and more business are moving to the cloud. By moving emails, websites and other IT operations to the cloud, 82% of businesses reported that they saved money, while 80% saw improvements in their IT operations within six months of moving to the cloud. Overall, a study by Forbes found that 55% of companies report increased efficiency after switching to a cloud hosting service.

Safety in the cloud
As Internet traffic and commerce grows, so do concerns about the safety of online data and transactions. In 2012, it was reported that as many as 86% of all websites had at least one serious vulnerability. There has has been a 23% increase in web-based security attacks since 2013.
However, cloud hosting services can do a good job of addressing such concerns, and in 2012, they were able to resolve fully 61% of all serious website vulnerabilities. It is necessary to keep up with new technologies and developments, which is something a cloud hosting service can do better and more effectively than an IT department.

While the global cloud is enormous, most users, businesses and corporations use only a minuscule fraction of it. This tiny portion enables huge improvements in productivity, efficiency and streamlining of operations, while reducing overall costs. Whether used for email or other applications, or to store information, it provides the user both flexibility and mobility.

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