Today’s Energy Output Is Reaching Astronomical Figures What Can Solar Power Do To Secure Our Future?

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Solar power is the way of the future. You don’t even have to work in solar panel installation to know it.

There’s much talk about solar powered homes and solar powered cars. Green benefits are among the most coveted elements of this energy form, though many enjoy the combination of energy efficiency and cleanliness. Applying solar panels in both residential and commercial locations requires a meter mix designed with the express purpose of pushing back against temperature changes. Anything less can ensure nobody is gleaning the benefits of solar power. Should you be looking over your silicone dispensing system and noticing some flaws, read on.

A simple tweak to your meter mix’s viscosity or your overall compound can improve quality for everyone.

Today’s Struggling Energy Needs

Energy is a major topic around the world. Far too many companies, small businesses, and homes are struggling under skyrocketing energy costs. The average American home today spends 40% to 50% of its monthly bill on energy expenses alone, while businesses small and large are attempting to find a happy balance and coming up short. There are several solutions being brought to the forefront to combat these statistics. The U.S. Department Of Energy, for example, believes LED lighting has the potential to reduce American energy usage by nearly 50%.

The Growth Of Solar Power

As you already know, solar power is fast replacing a lot of conventional energy solutions. The United States alone boasts over one and a half million solar installations, with this figure crossing the million mark in 2016 after several years of record growth. The cost of solar panels have also seen a reduction in cost. Ever since the late 1970s their overall price has dipped nearly 100 times, today half as cheap as they were in 2008. Meter mix dispensing is a necessary pillar to support this growing standard.

Expectations For Future Energy Expenses

Energy expenses need to change soon…or something will have to give. LED lighting is leading the pack in affordable, green energy, using just 15% of the energy a standard halogen light uses while providing 85% of the output. Over 250,000 Americans today work in the solar power industry across 9,000 companies, according to data provided by the Solar Energy Industries Association. By the time 2017 wrapped up there were nearly 50 GW of total solar capacity in the country. Dispensing solutions are seeing a similar evolution.

The Function Of Meter Mix Systems

The meter mix, just like any other form of technology, needs to ensure electronics are functioning and perfectly safe. Anything less is wasting money and putting people in danger. The epoxy dispenser gun has become a new standard for its ease of application and portability. You can also find meter mix systems that come with pre-made solutions, though using this requires a little discretion. Failing to provide the right thickness and temperature can yield problems further down the road.

Improving Your Epoxy Dispenser System

As solar power shows again and again, there’s always a better way to be doing things. Potting compounds need to flow well to fully encapsulate the electronic components, all without leaving voids or air bubbles. Achieving this viscosity means measuring between 400 cps and 50,000 cps at a time. During the curing process your potting compounds can reach temperatures of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, sometimes higher. Keep in mind potting compounds shrink as they cure, as much as 2% for an unfilled epoxy compound.

Solar power isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Can your gear metering pump keep up?

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