Three Signs That You May Need IT Managed Services

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Mention the word outsourcing, and immediately the thought most people have is of some company overseas. This is a common misconception that keeps companies from looking into managed services companies. Technically, managed services are a kind of outsourcing that strategically shift certain responsibilities to another company to cut expenses, and improve operations.

Sometimes human resources, fulfillment, life cycle build, or maintenance activities are among those responsibilities. Although there are many different kinds of managed service providers, one that could be most beneficial to your company are IT professional services. Here are three signs that you could use IT managed service providers to help your company.

1. If your customers are not getting the support they need.

Approximately 78 percent of businesses admit that they need help with technical support and troubleshooting. It takes a keen understanding of your business to realize where your weaknesses lie. Additionally, about 54 percent of customers are not happy with the tech support that they are receiving. If you are regularly experiencing customer dissatisfaction, it may be time to seek additional help.

2. If you do not yet have quality web hosting.

The web hosting industry is currently valued at about 12.3 billion dollars. If you need hosting, there are many companies and services to choose from. For example, several websites can share a single domain with shared web hosting. This is one of the services sometimes provided by the managed service provider industry.

3. If you lack preventative maintenance.

An unsecured system could result in a loss of data, loss of trust from your customers, additional repair expenses, and a loss of time as you work to repair the problems. Some companies will monitor a network for viruses, spyware, backup failure, and will perform addition services such as patching and updating. Depending on your needs, remote support over the internet or phone could help improve your operations.

If you do seek out a managed service company, you should be aware that you will not be handing over all responsibility of your systems, or the management of them. Your company will still be accountable for performance, and functionality. Studies are showing that approximately 37 percent of businesses that have already contracted for managed services are small or medium in size. Is your business experiencing any of the three scenarios described above? Continue reading here.

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