Knowing When to Hire an Executive Recruiter

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Executive search firms can be extremely beneficial when companies are searching for applicants to fill top leadership positions. Oftentimes, companies struggle to find the time and resources it takes to do in-house recruiting for executive positions. Because of that, this article is going to discuss when companies should consider hiring an executive recruiter.

If your hiring team lacks the resources and methods in order to conduct executive recruiting, it may be a good idea to hire an executive recruiter. An executive recruiter will have specialized knowledge regarding how and where to find top candidates to fill open positions. An executive recruiting method should include:

  • Reputation management
  • Employer branding
  • Simplified application process
  • Continuous contact with candidates

If your hiring staff does not have sufficient time or resources to be able to manage all of these aspects, your company could benefit from executive recruiting services.

Additionally, it’s important to consider what it will cost your company to do executive hiring in-house. Knowing these costs is important because it will tell you whether or not you should use an executive search firm or not. In-house costs can quickly add up because they need to include software tools, website building, social media site building, as well as labor hours for the time it takes the employees to conduct these activities. For most companies, all of these costs will add up to be more expensive than it would be to outsource search efforts.

If your company staff does not have adequate time to conduct these extensive searches, then it may be best to hire an executive recruiter. If search efforts take too long, they can result in desired candidates finding employment elsewhere. However, executive search firms are focused solely on finding candidates to fill your open position, meaning they can do it quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, executive recruiters have the resources and capabilities to find more connections with passive candidates. This can be beneficial because a lot of the top candidates may already be employed. Oftentimes, in-house recruiters can only work with candidates who actively apply for the open position, meaning they may not be able to find the top talent your company needs.

So if your company’s hiring staff does not have the adequate resources or time it takes to perform and executive search, you may want to consider hiring an executive recruiter. Then can get the job done quickly and efficiently and ensure your open positions are filled with only the best candidates for the job.

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