Ways You Can Keep Your PCB Assembly Quote Low

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Reducing cost when and where you can might just about save the life cycle of any company. One of the many ways pcb manufacturing companies save money is by reducing their pcb assembly quote. Let’s take a closer look at the step by step guide on how some of the major pcb fabrication and assembly companies reduce the total pcb assembly quote.

Step 1:Try to avoid single sourcing if possible. This will allow you to have more parts available for distribution as well as a much lower cost leverage on components. Most importantly if you’re having issues with the quality of a particular part you can easily find another one from a different source. The issue with using a single source is that you may not be able to manufacture a product if the there are parts that still need to be ordered from the factory. When it comes to circuit board assembly services, lead time is extremely important.

Step 2:Qualify your lower cost sources between the engineering department and the purchasing department. The difference in priorities between these two department can inevitably hurt the pcb fabrication and increase the cost. It?s recommended that manufactures set up what?s called a Material Cost Reduction Committee where the managers from purchasing and engineering can partner up with each other to point out the cost reducing opportunities as they arise. This way you can minimize pcb assembly quote while ensuring continuous production and combating low volume pcb assembly.

Step 3:Ensure that the panelization of the pcb fabrication process is constantly optimized for manufacturing. Conform with the equipment you use during the manufacturing process rather than trying to adjust the equipment to suit the design of the pcb. This way you can maintain the original design and save money in the long run.

With these easy to follow tips in mind you?ll have no problem being able to reduce your pcb assembly quote and keep a decent production level going during manufacturing. Optimizing your component sourcing, keeping the panelization a lot more flexible, and immediately qualifying the low cost sources will minimize pcb assembly quote.

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