Need to Bring on New Staff? 7 Reasons to Use an Executive Placement Agency for Your HR Needs

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If you have ever had to hire for people for your management team, you know how painful a process it can be. If you run a business, you know how much employee turnover can hurt your bottom line. Nearly 57% of all companies and organizations say they think this is a real problem. As many as 22% of people who start new jobs will leave those positions within 45 days. The reasons organizations give for this issue range from poor performance to issues surrounding temperament. When the wrong person is hired for a position, the Department of Labor estimates can cost an organization anywhere between 30 and 150% of the new hire’s salary. When you are looking to hire someone for a management role, your best bet really is to go to an executive placement agency.

  1. You will get top notch candidates. Working with an executive placement agency will get you the best talent. You can think of executive search consultants as being curators of top rated talent. When you post a job listing, you never really know who will see it. This is a much more guaranteed way to get the right people for the job.
  2. The best people for the job may not be looking. There are great candidates out there. They may even be interested in working for your organization. If you are using passive methods to find this person, you may not ever have access to the right people. An executive placement agency may have access to the people you want to talk to.
  3. These companies actively seek out great candidates. When you hire an executive search consultant service your search goes from being passive to active. Passive searches rely on people finding your listing somewhere. Executive staffing agencies have ways to encourage great talent to find them. When you need to hire someone and contract with an executive search agency, they will aggressively look for the right candidates for your opening. They will talk to a variety of candidates and bring you the best of the bunch.
  4. An executive placement agency will save you time. Save yourself the time and annoyance of weeding out bad candidates. How many resumes did you get the last time you posted a higher level position on a job board site or in a newspaper? Did you get 500 resumes? Over 1,000? When you hire an executive placement agency, they will go through the bad resumes and bring you only the best candidates for the position you have available. The candidates you talk to will have been vetted by experts in hiring management positions.
  5. Executive placement agencies know what they are doing. You and the staff you have now are experts in your industry and your jobs. Unless you have a dedicated human resources (HR) department, your staff are not experts at the process of hiring people. The people who work for executive placement agencies are experts at this. They have received training on recruiting people and the hiring process. They can find the right people for you to hire.
  6. You will still have control over who is hired. The executive placement agency will bring you a number of different qualified candidates for you to talk to. You will still be able to pick the candidate that you think best fits your requirement and will be a good match for your company and your team. Every organization has its own culture and way of doing things. The bottom line is that you will only have to go through interviews with candidates who are extremely qualified for the position you have available.
  7. You will have fewer problems with turnover. You want to find new talent who will work well with your existing staff and will want to stay with your organization. A good executive search agency will find people that will end up staying with your organization for a long time. That will have a great impact on your bottom line.

It is always hard to hire new people but working with an executive placement agency can help a lot.

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