Considerations For Employee Retention In The United States

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All throughout the United States, a problem regarding employee retention is being faced. From everyday employees to managers to employment agencies specializing in human resource, there are many people who could all too easily attest to this fact. After all, the facts back up this statement quite fully indeed, showing that more than two and a half million people voluntarily left their jobs by the time that we had reached the June of the year of 2015 alone. In comparison to just two years prior, this marked an increase in such behavior by as much as a full 24%, a significant number by any means. To add to this, up to 60% of all working Millennials have also stated that they would be willing to leave their current job – if they were offered a better one. This has earned them the title of the job hopping generation, but it is really unfair to blame Millennials for the problem of employee retention.

After all, there are many problems to fix within our workplace, problems that would probably lead to much better rates of employee retention indeed. As employees of employment agencies specializing in human resource and HR executive search firms and restructuring consulting firms can almost always tell you, diversity is one very important factor in our working world of today. In fact, many employment agencies specializing in human resource are even focusing much more closely on diversity than ever before. This is because diversity very much benefits just about any workplace, as employees of any given employment agencies specializing in human resource can tell you. Once again, the data does not lie. In fact, it shows that workplaces that have become diverse in regards to gender can outperform other workplaces (that are less diverse) by as much as 15%. And ethnic diversity gives even more of a leg up, allowing these diverse workplaces to outperform workplaces that are not diverse or are only minimally diverse by as much as a full 35%.

Unfortunately, as employees of and professionals in the field of employment agencies specializing in human resource can also attest to, our working world is still far less diverse than it should be. In fact, only around 5% of all CEOs from Fortune 500 companies were women as of the first quarter of 2017. And even this was a landmark number, though not a particularly high one. Diversity is something that can only be scarcely seen in many other fields as well, making it all the more essential for employment agencies specializing in human resource to focus on now more than ever before.

But this is far from the only problem facing the workplace, something that even employment agencies specializing in human resource focusing on diversity can clearly see. Unfortunately, far too few employees working throughout the United States actually feel as supported as they should by their managers and other superiors. In fact, this is only the case for around 20% of all American employees, a very scant one fifth. This means that the overwhelming number of workers and employees seen throughout the United States do not feel the support that they need to be able to – or even willing to, for that matter – work to their best potential. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see apathy grow and overall quality of work decline in many places of work all throughout the country.

Fortunately, this is not an unsolvable problem. As a matter of fact, even just taking small steps can have a positive impact on overall employee morale. For instance, many employment agencies specializing in human resource will recommend the addition of something such as an employee recognition program. These employee recognition programs can be developed in many different ways, but will largely be successful. After all, more than 85% of all companies who utilize some type of employee recognition program have noted a considerable growth in overall employee happiness. And with the growth of overall employee happiness in the workplace, the overall retention rate for said workplace is only naturally likely to rise as well.

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