IT Support — When you Don’t Need it and When you Definitely do

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Information technology is a lot like math. You’re either naturally good at it, or IT management victimizes you for the rest of your life, leaving you at the mercy of computer services technicians for better or for worse. Well, first of all, we’d just like to pause and encourage you to get acquainted with a good, reliable IT support company, because this kind of service is truly invaluable whether you’re managing a home network, a small business network, or a corporate system. However, there are some things you should probably learn to do on your own to prevent bigger security problems and large network repair bills.
1. Teach yourself the basics of software download.
You’re just not going to get very far in this a la carte software world without understanding how to follow download prompts. (And yes, this is a real problem for some people). Most importantly, you need to learn how to look for “red flags” during a download. Is the website reliable? Is your virus software freaking out at the mere mention of running the program? Is it also downloading “add-ons” like browsers you don’t want or cookies? Software downloads are such a huge part of daily internet life that it’s important to understand the basics.
2. Learn how to install/uninstall programs.
Many beginner computer users think that once they install a program, it’s there forever. This can really hinder your computer’s performance, so get acquainted with your settings menu and do a clean-up of obsolete programs such as old browsers, media players, and files you don’t need anymore at least once every couple of months.
3. Know what to do if you get water on your computer!
There’s an old “first aid” trick that can’t possibly hurt if you get your computer wet and are waiting for IT support to come in. Simply shut your device off and submerge it in dry rice. The hope is that the rice will absorb the excess water and save key hardware.
Of course, at the end of the day, calling IT support is like going to the doctor. Some visits can be prevented, but the annual checkup can’t and really shouldn’t be avoided! Some things you definitely want to call IT support in on include:
1. Getting a security consultation
Cyber crime has become a serious pandemic. Worldwide, computer criminals are writing hundreds of malicious programs a day that cost the globe a full $100 billion dollars annually. Even more disturbing, most companies now operate under an assumption of breach, meaning that hardly anyone has a real handle on how to administer fool proof virus protection and security measures and so they just hope that nothing too important gets compromised. An IT support service can help you shore up your systems against the latest and ever-changing threats.
2. Solving chronic connection problems.
A lot of people will say, when the internet goes out for the umpteenth time, that this is normal/common for the area they live in. That may be, but IT support people are accomplished systems engineers who can run sophisticated diagnostics and repair on your internet connection.
3. Upgrading hardware
Even the basically computer literate probably gets a little squeamish about physically taking apart a computer. Understandably so. For any hardware repairs or upgrades, we strongly recommend calling in an IT support professional.

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