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Particle Analysis and Laser Diffraction for Providing Effective Pharmaceutical Standards

Written by admin on . Posted in Analytical method development, Analytical method validation guidelines, Electron microscopy sciences

Laser diffraction analysis

Traditionally, particle size analysis was conducted using sieving and sedimentation. Over the past 2 decades, however, laser diffraction has significantly replaced these traditional methods.

Particle Sizing and Sieving

This method for providing an analysis of particle size is the oldest in use. It continues to be used, however, for measuring relatively large particles of approximately 1 millimeter.

Particle Sizing and Laser Diffraction Analysis

This method of sizing is especially used for particles that range in size from 0.5 to 1000 microns. Basically, when a laser’s light beam is scattered by a group of particles, the angle at which it scatters is inversely proportional to the size of the particle. In other words, the smaller the particle, the larger the an

Is Your Company Looking at Purchasing More Large Water Storage Tanks?

Written by admin on . Posted in Bolted steel tank specification, Bolted tanks vs welded tanks, Wastewater treatment system

Water treatment system

The afternoon news announced that a number of fire trucks were responding to a late afternoon fire at a local lake. As the flames burned, many neighbors wondered if the fire crew would tap into the lake water for the difficult battle. In a later television interview, however, the fire chief at the scene of the still hot ashes explained that the fire protection water storage tanks that were delivered to the scene were far more effective than dragging hundreds of feet of heavy hoses down to the water and then pumping that water back up to the flames.
The fire official went on to explain that one of the reasons they made the decision to call in so many