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How Can a Business Better Connect to Their Customers?

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Semantic extraction software tools

Social media has made the leap to becoming a platform for businesses to launch, or to gain a larger following. The many forms of social media have countless postings detailing how the poster is feeling. This text can actually be used to help businesses improve their understanding of the customer’s wants and needs. Because the amount of texts on social media is uncountable, it is a job better suited to a computer program.

Need More Insight Into Your Customers’ Experience?

Big data mining is one technique to gain better insight into what the customer is thinking about a company. Two specific methods are aspect based sentiment analysis, and text analytics. These methods focus on analyzing the text of reviews and posts to gain a clear understanding of how each customer experien

The Benefits Of Search Engine Marketing

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Mobile website design tips

In this age of technology where half of all people in the United States have some type of smartphone, where the internet is prevalent in nearly everything that we do, search engine marketing is crucial for many businesses and companies. SEO techniques and SEO tools can help a company or business to flourish and grow and taking steps like incorporating a blog as part of the business can help to expand to a newer and broader customer base than ever before.

Blogs in particular have shown to be an effective tool in search engine marketing. In fact, over half of businesses half gained more customers through their blog. However, it is important that the blog is regularly updated on a timely basis, as this is the best way to ke