Why Your Company Should Move Away From A Paper Filing System Here In The United States

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For many companies here in the United States, paper filing systems have become outdated and document digitization services more important and widely utilized than ever before. But not every single company has yet taken advantage of the document digitization services, even though document digitization services and the benefits of converting documents and even converting microfiche can be hugely beneficial at the end of the day. For many companies with paper filing systems still in place, the detriments of using a paper filing system are only growing as time passes on.

For instance, using paper filing systems instead of switching to a digital storage system through document digitization services is incredibly time consuming indeed, far from efficient as efficient as digital storage and filing systems utilized here in the United States and throughout the world as a whole. In fact, between the time spent walking to the filing cabinet, finding the file in question, and returning to one’s desk, the average worker will waste up to five minutes just to find one properly filed document alone. When document digitation services have been utilized and document storage is digital, this process is instead likely to take only just a few seconds and no more than a minute.

The process of faxing is also incredibly time consuming, though it is often the only way to send documents places when paper filing systems are stored. As a matter of fact, the average fax can take as many as eight minutes to send, and sometimes lengthier faxes take considerably longer than even that. In comparison, sending documents via email is incredibly efficient, and it’s estimated that up to 133 emails are received and sent by the average user over the course of just one day. Even document signing times drop by as much has 80% when digital methods of document signing and sending are able to be used.

The average fax machine and fax system is likely to be much more expensive than the average digital email system that is possible after document digitization services have been provided. In fact, just owning one fax machine will cost a company more than $6,000 over the course of just one year. And, unfortunately, most companies will likely need own more than one fax machine, making digital digitization services look more and more appealing as time passes on and various costs accrue.

Document digitization services and document imaging services can also help to prevent lost and misfiled documents, both of which are incredibly commonplace when the typical system of paper filing is used. Unfortunately, it’s estimated that as many as an entire 7.5% of all documents produced here in the United States (in a paper form, that is) will be lost permanently, while another 3% or so of these documents will be temporarily misfiled. Whether a document is lost or misfiled, the cost of this happening can be quite considerable indeed.

After all, the data gathered on the subject more than backs up this claim, showing that, while filing a document usually has a cost of about $20, misplacing a document can have a cost of around $120 in productivity and other aspects of the workforce. When a document is lost completely, the cost tends to be even higher, totaling around $220, which is quite significant by just about any means. Fortunately, the use of on site scanning services and document digitization services can be hugely helpful in preventing these things from never happening again.

And these on site scanning services and document digitization services are instrumental in paper conservation and overall environmental conservation as well. After all, new paper is still widely utilized even though more and more paper is including, at least to some extent, recycled features and materials. As a matter of fact, it’s estimated that there are still as many as four trillion documents used in the United States each and every year, a number that climbs by as much as 22% for each and every year that passes. The use of document digitization services can help to curb this climb.

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