Benefits of 3D Scanners

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X-ray computed tomography

3D scanner services really have opened up a whole new world of opportunity because of its ability to capture pretty much anything that is in our world and turn it into a digital model within a number of minutes. 3D scanner services are used to:

  1. Make CAD models of actual parts in order to capture designs, update products and create new products.
  2. Verify the quality of a certain product. This is done with comparison to CAD models.
  3. Manufacture customized products for everything from health and dental care to fashion and retail.
  4. Scan a whole building in order to then make a 3D model of it.

This is not even scratching the surface of all the things that 3D scanner services are capable of, but hopefully it will give you an idea of the versatility. These 3D scanners and the software that works with them are becoming readily available to a wide range of companies and individuals by being fast, cheaper and more accurate than they have been in the past. Because of the automated software, better results can be determined by making use of 3D scanning services.

So, what exactly is a 3D scanner?

Well, 3D scanners encompass any device that has the ability to measure the physical world with lasers, different types of lights and x-rays in order to manufacture a polygon mesh that can be recognized by 3D imaging. 3D digitizers, laser scanners, light scanners, industrial CT scanners and more are all considered to be 3D scanners. Basically, all of these devices capture the geometry of a particular object using hundreds of thousands or even millions of measurements to ensure accuracy and the best results.

Why are 3D scanner services and software necessary?
The scanners collect an incredible amount of data and it would be almost impossible to sort through it manually. A piece of software that is dedicated to 3D scanning is always needed in order to go through the data and make it into something that other kinds of software are able to handle. Reverse engineering, digital archiving and 3D printing are the most common things that 3D scanning is used for but the only way to get it from measurements into something usable is with dedicated software.

What are the benefits of laser scanning?
Laser scanning was mentioned earlier as one of the most common types of 3D scanning. Land surveyors are the ones that make the most use out of this type of scanning and it is really the go to tool for measuring. Here are some of the benefits:

Shortens field time: Being able to map a space can take a long time and cost quite a bit. 3D scanners work much quicker and are simple to navigate as well as being 100% accurate. This reduces the time it takes and helps to reduce recounting the same measurements.

It is versatile: The scanners can be used as platforms and other types so that a land surveyor can find the best tool to that particular job. Because there are various solutions, this makes for a flexible option when working around obstacles to measure property.

Drawings are realistic: The increase in technology has allowed for so much data to be collected which results in an incredible accurate and realistic drawing to be made. Traditional techniques could only be accurate up to a point but laser scanning doesn’t allow for many errors. This shows the real conditions of a property or space. The latest software is used to make the drawings really look like what the real area will be like.

More work at once: Laser scanners help to reduce surveyor shortage. This is because it leaves room and time for experts to be able to take on a few projects at a time without feeling overwhelmed or overloaded with work. Surveyors can spend less time on each project because of how fast the scanners work. This makes them more productive at work.

Laser scanners for land surveyors is just one example where 3D scanners have greatly improved a career or even an entire industry. Not having to manually measure or use traditional techniques has allowed for a lot more productivity and efficiency in whatever work place it is being used. They are not hard to use which makes it very attractive to almost everyone.

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