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Optimizing Results Internet Marketing and Local Businesses

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As more and more individuals go to the Internet to find information about a product they want to buy or a service they want to enlist, companies are turning to Internet marketing tactics such as search engine optimization to attract new customers who want to choose between numerous companies, whether local or national.

The advent of the Internet brought increase choices to the average customer. A product that once was available solely at a local store could be purchased online from a number of vendors, making elements of service, such as shipping, a part of choosing which vendor to purchase from.

Some statistics indicate that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Internet browsers, when opened, can be set to this preference so that the page of a top search engine (Google, Mozi

What Are SEO Services Worrying About in 2016? Penguins, Wikipedia, and Google AMP

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Whether you’re a search marketing expert or just researching local search engine optimization services for the first time, 2016 has been a very busy year. Major changes to Google’s search algorithms are coming soon, and Google itself has warned local search engine optimization pros to stay on their feet.
So what’s keeping your local search marketing company up at night? Just two months in, 2016 has seen a lot of activity in the search engine world. So here is all the search engine content that’s fit to click:

2016 is the Year of the Penguin

Google gives names like Panda and Penguin to its periodic updates to its search ranking factors, and it’s been about two years since the last major Penguin upd