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Archive for August, 2018

Michgan Woman Almost Loses a Small Fortune

Written by admin on . Posted in Id reader, Id scanner, Ultrascan mechanism

Many people have had a situation where they have lost a $10 or $20 bill. While this situation is understandably frustrating, it could always be worse. A woman from Michigan recently almost lost a lot more money than that. In this post, you’ll learn why Delaine Passucci almost lost an astounding $50,000.

How This Almost Happened

Statistics show that nearly 50% of all adults throughout the United States report purchasing a lottery ticket within the past 12 months. Considering that, many of these adults choose to play the game of Powerball. The game of Powerball involves a randomly set of numbers picked to form a winning combination. In order to obtain these numbers, players must purchase a ticket. Rather than waiting to catch the numbers on the news, Passucci used a convenient lottery ticket scanner. You’ll find that a scanner for lottery tickets are available in many stores.

Problems with a Lotto Scanner

Unfortunately, this is where problems began. Passucci w

6 Smart Tips for Managing Millennial Executives

Written by admin on . Posted in Executive placement agency, Hr executive, Outplacement consulting companies

Numerous studies are finding that workers are becoming more prone to voluntarily leaving their jobs. In fact, statistics found that 2.7 million employees voluntarily quit their jobs by the end of June 2015. This is important because it’s a 25% increase compared to what this figure was at the end of June 2013. Unfortunately, this often happens with millennials. A 2016 Gallup poll found that 60% of millennials are open to a new role at any given time. These workers are extremely valuable, meaning you’ll want to do everything possible to retain them. With that in mind, here are six tips for managing and retaining millennial executives.

  1. Millennials Often Enjoy Team Environments

    Many millennials have extensive experience working in team environements. Most of these employees spent much of their time in school taking part in group projects. Therefore, millennials might work better if they’re regularly placed in team environments.
  2. Do Yo